Moe GlaDos Factory

In behind, Me and Raidensnake was working about new mapadds for Obsidian Conflict and its released now. The new mapadds is a campaign, not similar type if to compare dance dance anime map before. We take a map from NeoTokyo team Nt_Ghost (thanks for awesome content) and remake it to be available for coop campaign. Of course, its only for Obsidian Conflict.


Synopsis (content spoiler):

PASKAL Urban divisions just got intel about a popular Diva, Hatsune Miku was abducted in a research factory as hostage. PASKAL squad was dispatch to help releasing Miku from the area. Without much information, the factory is filled with many hostiles during proceed to find and release Hatsune Miku. After Miku is secure and bring backed to extraction points, Miku seems forgetting to take her Taiga plushie along. PASKAL got no choice and assist Miku to go back inside for taking her plushie back even knowing the place is crawl with hostiles.

After Miku have her plushie and back to extraction, Capt. Benci ask the squad to search for any intel while he will negotiate Miku in mean times. The squad go back inside and look for intel and suddenly the transmission appear from the ‘person’ who responsible for causing the ruckus, Corrupted Glados. She’s getting mad because PASKAL messing up her plan and start to fill the factory with Neurotoxin. Those squad run-off quickly outside and plan for next task by disabling the neurotoxin.

After the neurotoxin is off, the squad got transmission from HQ telling the latest information and reason why this ruckus happen. The mission updated by targeting Corrupted Glados as priority to be defeated. Glados does not lay relax but she throw out all arsenal she got to stop the squad; Elite soldier, jamming device and invincible shield. The PASKAL squad sustain heavy casualty during the fight but manage to destroy Glados in the end. The HQ relay other transmission point out the facility need to be destroy afterward and the mission is completed.


Hacking Device is available at some place of the map

Main mission is to rescue hostage. Guess what!? its Miku!

Kill and destroyed any hostile and jamming device.

Antagonist. Kill Corrupted GlaDos

Plan C4 to destroy the facility

In-game dialogue featuring Miku, HQ operator and Capt. Benci

Cool and Kawaii character!!



It’s better to go inside Our Obsidian Conflict Server and download the map automatically by enter the door of 65 (make sure you’re in oc_lobby)

Direct link to our server (Make sure you have Obsidian Conflict Install):


or Obtain from here:


Moe Glados Factory

Voice Cast
Benci………………….. raidensnake
Hatsune Miku……………..Soukune Kana/vocaloidifytheworld
HQ Operator………………RozenStar
corrupted GlaDOS………….HeavenStare

Original Ideas & Scripting……..XenoAisam
Additional and Editor………….Raidensnake
Voice and Auditions Editor……..Raidensnake

Anime Models Artist

Unreal Tournament OST

Original Map nt_ghost_ctg
NeoTokyo By Studio Radi-8


Hatsune Miku ©2007-2012 Crypton Future Media Inc./Sega Corporation/Yamaha Corporation/Kei
Corrupted GlaDOS ©Crypton Future Media Inc./Sega Corporation/Yamaha Corporation/Kei/Valve Corporation/Ichikazu
NeoTokyo ©Studio Radi-8
Unreal Tournament OST ©Epic Games/Digital Extremes/GT Interactive
Portal & Source SDK ©Valve Corporation
Obsidian Conflict ©Obsidian Conflict Team
HeadPhoneGarl & Captain Benci Models ©XenoAisam

Developed Exclusively For XenoAisam’s Obsidian Conflict Server
Content Used Under International “Fair Use” Laws

Presented by The Raidensnake’s Den Website Network As Part Of It’s 9th Official Anniversary 2003-2012





  1. when I played on this map, it’s been almost an hour, and NO ONE arrived at the server I made, how long does it take for some players to arrive?

  2. well if you are hosting it on your pc it would take quite a while for people to download it depending on your connection. it’s best to have a server or send people our download links so they can load it.

  3. Help me T_T
    I copied on addon, current interest many errors (RED ERROR)
    You can help me fix
    thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english

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