Miku PaperCraft : Challenge Begin

Who want to take challenge on making Miku papercraft? This paper craft is base from my model so it would be good to try your hand skill 😀

Anyone would like to use it, distribute it or sell it are free to do so! I dont mind~ as long you not erase my name 😛  and i would like to see the result because i didn’t make it yet XD

I release the PDF copy into 2, one for printed and another one is for reference number, please have both of it:

Miku PDF for print

Miku PDF for reference only


  1. Great! But… for builders it will be useful to have a PDO model for reference. Can you share it? If you can, please, do it editable for us to make some optimisation with templates. (sorry for baaaaad english 🙂 )

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