Banzai Escape 2 Subterranean Released!

Hello everyone!

What a nice day today!

Let’s celebrate the release of Banzai Escape 2 Subterranean today!
After a year of development, we’ve managed to release the game into public!

Here’s the game store page!

What’s new from this game?


We’ve responded to some of our fans stating that they cannot purchase the game.
So, we’ve decided to make this game free to play! The full game! They can play the game until end.
We only charge for new DLC content such costumes or missions.
What you need is steam installed on your pc then you can install the game and play it.


Yes, this game is now online!
You can play with your friend as second player through steam invitation.
Ask your friend by inviting them to play together into the subterranean dungeon.
This way you can finish the levels together with ease!


This time you can change your characters appearance with a wide variety of costumes.
Feel free to customise your character to your liking and show off to your partner!
Extra outfits can bought through paid DLC which gives you a selection of better and cool looking costumes

and of course many more features!

Beware! Although this game is released, it’s still part of Early Access.
There may be bugs that you may encounter randomly, depending on your pc and internet performance.
If they happen, be sure to report it in discussion pages!
Furthermore, if you have any ideas / suggestions / feedback or other, head to discussion community for this game!
You can contribute something for better future of this game.

In the mean time, to celebrate the release of this game, Banzai Escape 1 and Banzai Escape 2 will be on sale! Help yourself and go buy it! 🙂

Hope You Guys Enjoy it!


Thank you for all for supporting us up to now!
Aisam 🙂

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