Princess Sakura model and Moe Glados sing

Welcome to the new update!

This time we got special person day: RaidenSnake
for requesting Model and making song for all of us!

Princess Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicle model for garrysmod is up for download. Although its taking long time for its appearance but now i manage to finish it up:

So who watch the Tsubasa Chronicle anime? from the preview rating, it got low score because of the story. Well i cant judge the anime which i never watch. I do watch Card Captor Sakura since i was kids during 1998. Its a lovely anime in that time and well cast by same person “Sakura Kinamoto”. Since i grown up, i prefer heavy and artistic kind such Ghost in the shell and any other anime from Range Murata. Well i need a time too to watch new anime.

RaidenSnake request the Sakura model quite a year before but with the busiest life i ever got all over the days make it hard to finish the job. Well at least its finish now. So the model is 2 types; caped and without cape. As usual the model also facepose able and now the ragdoll are much more easier to post. Download can be get here:


In download site, i omit all the Gamefront (formally Filefront) link because they have being bad by deleting almost all my file! So in the future, theres no more filefront use.

RaidenSnake also providing space from his server acting as mirror file (or backup?) for all my downloadable stuff. So expecting new link will be create. He also planning on creating new Obsidian Conflict server soon.


Ok! Another news also from RaidenSnake. He just make an awesome stuff for Moe Glados. She is singing the Portal2 theme. Check it out:

Cool eh? Just hoping to get kinect soon and adding the dance animation to her XD


So thats it for now.

One comment

  1. I’ve never watched Card Captor Sakura or Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles but the model looks great! I’m downloading it now,

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