Update No7 : Rokiahi update

Rokiahi now is finished and it will have two types:

  • No Gas Mask
  • With Gas Mask

not much update but its now playable. Here the pic both of them in game (ut2004):

and the gas mask model will have glow for its goggle, its clearly see at the dark place :
Shot00671the last one is promotion picture, feel free to use it!

Stay tune for next update on cellshade texture!!


  1. What a coincidence–I was just about to put the PASKAL crew back into my teams and give the Sherman and Panzer Girls a break and now I hear you’re almost done with Rokiahi. Love the gas mask as that makes for a good way to scare people…or members of SPECTRE. XD

    Keep up the good work. :3

    • I almost forgot about that, but at least I have Version 2 Rokiahi to keep me busy. Also took the time to get Akimbo Arena 2004 (Mutator) back in just so I can have fun with one thing that I haven’t had fun with in such a long time–Dual AVRiLs. XD

      • hey can i ask? seem i see ur pic using mg151 gun have a problem with it 1st person hand… right?

        i’m sorry… the setting for it and widescreen make it scale off the screen area

  2. Oh, that! The problem with 1st person hand only happens when “Small Weapons” isn’t checked in the options menu. I thought I was the only one who noticed it but I usually leave “Small Weapons” checked for the most part. OwO

    • Yay for bullpup-design weapons. Somehow I could see this as a viable replacement for the UT2004 Assault Rifles, perhaps even dual-weld? (Of course if it were dual-wieldable, then how would the grenades be fired when you have one of this weapon in each of your hands? XD)

    • I was thinking from the beginning that Rokiahi’s (according to your old post) weapon is a rifle. Neat though.

      Wait? From the top of the weapon, looks like the gun would have a reflex sight!

  3. is available for download this Rokiahi for ut2004 skins because nowhere encounter new Rokiahi or other website this skins

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