Update No6 : Rokiahi aka Rocky

Rokiahi model just enter the final phase of its complition, just check it out! …its have normal map, reflect and spec coordinate too~

v32 v33 v34

a comparison pic:


be prepare for the next update! ..for the ready bone and poseable

have a nice day!


  1. And very soon we’ll all have another update to the PASKAL team in the form of V3 Rokiahi. Yay! 😀

  2. I see you gave her the brown hair again.
    I like it. 🙂

    Say, now I’m curious about Rohani and Nuranhi

    • Lulz. I’m so used to the menu buttons being on the left that I go @.@ when I try to click on something that’s not there. XD

  3. Whoa, V3 looks even better than her predecessor. By the way, nice new look on your website, Xenoaisam.

  4. *Looks at the front page again*

    Say, who is that “evil-looking, white-haired Miku clone” on the front page? o.O

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