Nurani, PASKAL Elite Foot Soldier

Sorry for taking so long… its because i’m busy with university stuff, include upcoming exam. So far the main university project was pass, so i got time for handle this kind of works! So here so far updates:


Name : Nurani
Age : 20
Origin : Russia
Specialize : All Skill, Stealth, Hi-tech
Fav. Weap : PASKAL Elites Standard Issue (Pulse-Rifle)

Stay tune with the next updated! :D


  1. RAWR 😛

    Err…why is there the UT2004 tag when you are not doing the UT2004 version? (this was not there on other PASKALs)

      • Lol, all of a sudden I just thought of something–if we give SpecBeta a similar Stealth Suit (as an reference to the in-joke that SpecBeta = SPECTRE’s version of Raiden), then we’ve pretty much got everything set up for a Nurani vs. SpecBeta rivalry…assuming we’re still keeping the Banzai storyline in place. OuO

  2. Hmmm I dunno I think her uniform looks more like SPECTER than Paskal. :S

    But the design otherwise is AWESOME, it’s just odd for PASKAL. 😦

    And I miss the headgear. T___T

    • why did you say more SPECTRE? its an elite unit afterall, so PASKAL also need this advance suit for combat… not just SPECTRE..

      and Nurani also have headgear… remember, all unit will have 2 types of model…

    • i would say Nurani itself let her to be genetic engineering, allowing nano machine running through her blood vessel… so she will feel less pain when got shoot and also faster injured recovery…

      • That was like in Deus Ex. Bio-modification, yet different from my type (without any body modification to tolerate nanomachines). FYI

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