Paskal Pack 2 infomation

Paskal Pack 2 contain Rohani and Nurani. Its for Garrysmod and Obsidian Conflict

As usual, one pack contain 4 model and 2 model for each character. Now lets talk about introduction:


Rohani is PASKAL jungle heavy foot soldier. She is from Vietnam and often to call “dumbies” from their friends. The reason why she are assign into heavy foot soldier is because the idiot thinking; ambush without hesitation and strategy planing , scream when about to attack and let the enemy know her position and obviously cant read map well, so she only depends on her captain. Sometime her mouth are tie up by her captain to let her not to screaming again and again.  So if you want the brave soldier with tiny IQ, use Rohani!



Nurani is PASKAL Elite, Veteran foot soldier. She is from Russia, the land with cold environment which good for her specialty. Nurani IQ is high and were chosen to enter PASKAL because her intelligent and giving the strategy planing to solving the issue occur in Russia at past. She are humble person because she got disease which cant cure; blood cancer. The cancer lead her to be into Elite modification units by allow her to be injected with Nano-machine through her body. The Nano-machine running through her blood vessel can control the cancer from worsen but can’t cure it. This Nano-machine change her physical ability more greater then normal human beings; feel less pain when beaten up or shot, cure injury with less use of medical equipment and increase her intelligent. Although with this advancement to herself, she still keep her inner habits such humble and be goods to others…. but not her enemy!


Technical information

All of them are good but still need to be test many times just to see if anything goes wrong. So the release for gmod contain:

  • Ragdoll
  • Npc
  • Player

And for Obsidian will contain player version

The pack will be release shortly…

So stay tuned


  1. Lol @ Rohani’s profile description. Makes me wonder what Rohani would think of that. XD

    Tiger-I Len + Rin: *Look @ Rohani’s profile* o.O O.o
    Rohani: *Doesn’t even notice* o.o

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