My last post

Not actually my last… well tomorrow i’m going to enter university, so it will be less update will be going on here..
sorry guys~

so before i take a rest from this a bit, i’ve make one flash interactive animation here:

the page will redirect to my deviant page… so i hope you guys be steady and have fun ok~


  1. Well, good luck with university xeno! I’ll help keep things alive on the Banzai! forms. 😀

  2. It’s gonna be different without as many updates. I’ve been following, just quietly. Anyways good luck and work for the best grades!

  3. *A Naluri plushie parachutes in from the sky*

    I hope things are going good for you in university, xeno. I’m still posting my random screenies on Banzai as usual to keep things alive. XD

  4. Good luck sir! It might be a little bit too quiet without you around and kickin’, but we shall prevail!

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