Schooldays packed for Garrysmod

Latest version of Schooldays character made into pack. All character got new updated with more ‘Moe’ looks. Version changes:

  • Sekai Saionji got into v3 with additional faceposer. New iris and smaller figure.
  • Kotonoha Katsura got into v3 with heavily modified on the figure, more ‘moe’ look, additional faceposer and hair is poseable.
  • Setsuna Kiyoura got into v2 with changes on face (more ‘moe’ look).
  • Makoto Ito got into v2 and look more kawaii? XD

Download is at my download center:



  1. Well… I was able to update the workshop version of Kotonoha and, if i can get the workshop uploader working, Makoto. Unfortunetly due to the way of how the uploader is (i.e. cant scroll the addons list), I am most likely am not going to be able to update the workshop versions of Sekai or Setsuna…

  2. Looks so very naisu. I have to remind myself to fire up Gmod as I just finished downloading these. :3

    Inb4 updated model of Karl-Gerat Shota–complete with Kirino Ranmaru-style hair and an open jacket. 😛

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