Nominated Video

I nominated this video for funny, weird and interesting stuff

Good use of My Miku in garrysmod to create World Is Mine PV



    • your steamcommunity profile not exist and thats not normal steam installation folder… i hope you not become the victim of software counterfeit.

  1. oh c’mon buddy! you model work fine in garrys mod!
    but i think you are the only one that can use those models in HL2 Saga, and the only one was created them! coincidence?
    i think you are selling us smoke…..

  2. i have all up-to-date whit all crappy updates from steam at today,
    maybe Valve and/or Steam don’t accept in-game file customizacion anymore…..

  3. your hl2 folder is supposed to be “C:\program files\Steam\steamapps\@jlg_2011\half-life 2\hl2”

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