Nothing New

Sorry guys for no news lately.

New upcoming exam this June will make me less-productive in this day onward.

Wait till all settle and everything will be back to normal. So expect update about the end of June.

By the way, new picture for you guys:

Have a nice day~


  1. Excellent, I love your work, greetings from chile
    excelente, me encantan tus trabajos,saludos desde chile

  2. Cute! By the way, I was watching some videos by Karasz the other day, and I saw that he had an updated version of Setsuna’s model. Are you having him test it or what?

  3. alot people like your model but some my friend waiting your new model into download site so my friend can use it but he said he wait your new model so and then I can play with him with your model but I like it to use your new player model ^_^

  4. Oh where to find such beauty?) Ears and long hair-braids look lovely. Hmm Nurani mixed with Miku? if I’m not mistaken … I like …. like it)

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