Dance Dance Anime

Lately about a week i take some spare time out from modeling to make a map which is call Dance Dance Anime map. Similar to old post here: but now i make more effort so it become more beautiful + adding new features. Check out this video:

The new map with more detailed design and you can choose to change background for stage. Last time the map is more like auditorium but now its more to open concept. Not really open, i would consider it as hologram room in fictional.

Now it got more selection to choose! You can choose position, choose your dancer character to your position, select a song, change background and start the event! Everything is better now.


This map is specially made for Xeno | Raiden OC server but i dont mind to share it to public, just respect to the guy who involve especially RaidenSnake for providing new crowd sound XD. Main play platform actually for Obsidian Conflict but its also playable in gmod or normal hl2 series. So grab it.

Note from myself in the map:

This map is for relaxing and entertainment purpose.
i create this map as part of my portfolio of creative
use. also its dedicated to anime lovers in source
community, my fans and project diva/dreamy theater.
i’m also thankfuly to all mmd creator who make the
dance animation, all the respect goes to the creator.
any of you feel not belonging here, feel free to

Song use:

  • World is Mine
    Ryo (Supercell)
  • Waka Laka
    (E=MC2 Mix Edit)
    Sho-T Feat Brenda
  • Romeo x Cinderella
  • Gee Baby Baby
    Girls Generation
    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
  • No Life Queen
    Nana Takahashi

Character / Models use:

  • Naluri Sihara 3D model (c) XenoAisam
    Naluri Sihara Character (c) XenoAisam
  • Hatsune Miku 3d model (c) XenoAisam
    Hatsune Miku Character (c) sega | crypton future media inc.
  • Black Rock Shooter 3d model (c) XenoAisam
    Black Rock Shooter Character (c) Huke
  • Kasane teto 3d model (c) Mesark
    Kasane teto Character (c) Sen (線) | VIPPERS 2ch

Ps: Congratulation to me for getting Youtube honor achievement

#96 – Most Subscribed (All Time) – Directors – Malaysia


  1. Wow, that must have taken a lot of work to get the animations and the entities for the map working. Keep up the good work!

  2. doesn’t work on Garry’s Mod Esp! (2012), please send me an Email , and please describe how pleace in the folders these archives, ¿or this is only for OC???
    please responding!

  3. Garry’s Mod Esp! is a version created by John Freeman specially for the “Garrys mod community” on! it in Spanish Language and was uploaded in 2012

  4. Hey Xenoaisam could you please make the dancing animations for SourceSDK go opensource? since it would be funny for some easter eggs in some maps , i will give you full credit for it.

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