Not Really Rant: Model Thieves, The reason MMD model creator not publish their works anymore

If you guys are using MMD and up-to-date with recent news, MMD model creator will not publish their model for western people anymore.

Its understandable because so many model porter, ripper, user and those thieves didn’t credits to the maker.

After the situation which involving me in BRS model in l4d2 site, i really start to be careful when publishing my works.

One day, one of my friend which we know each other since unreal community report to me about another head-stone guys who are porting and posting other people model into L4d2 games. The issues rising because the post-er said “My work” although not state clearly “I’m only porting and make it available in L4d2”.

This is the link:

Most of the comments already deleted by the post-er. Somehow i already read some of it before got deleted. I come up with conclusion:


Dont you guys keep arguing to the people who already experience in this sort of problem. Even me become the victim of the situation before. What i’m going to say, be professional or learn be professional.


If you guys read this and still love to distribute someone else works, please do like this:

By putting in your description;

Name of Model (c) “name of model maker”

Ask the model maker permission first! If you cant get contact with them, put their name only. If you didn’t know who is the creator, please just type in

Name of Model (c) respectfully to the creator of the model.


Miku3D  Model (c) XenoAisam


now if the character have copyright, type in:

character (c) name of company or character owner




Miku Character (c) Crypton Future Media Inc.


Full preview example:

Hatsune Miku 3D  Model (c) XenoAisam
Hatsune Miku Character (c) Crypton Future Media Inc.

By putting those above will prevent any of misunderstood to each other.




    I have a better idea: Creative Commons:

    With CC licenses, you have the legal right to protect your work, but allowing the rest of the makind use it depending of your conditions.

    I license all of my work with this license:

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

    THIS, is the way to lead the mankind to a new level. Please, dont fall in the claws of copyright.

    If you are interested on making a license, enter here:

    • Same license I prefer as well.

      I thought XenoAisam use a CC license as well (specifically the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License). Did you chose to change it?

      But, I thought the point of his “rant” is about how people chose not to credit the original works. He was referring to people basically uploads without mentioning the people who actually made the model.

      • At the “Did you chose to change it?”, it was asking XenoAisam. Sorry to confuse others.

  2. CC license is more for the creator and protection for the developer…. what i’m telling here for the one who distributed our works…

    They must include any necessary information to prevent misunderstanding. That’s why the guideline i shows above should be follow.

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