Dance Dance Anime Half-Life 2

Dance Dance Map is a custom made map by me. I take  4 kind of song and dance from MMD and export it to Half-Life 2. This map is suitable to use in server for relaxing kind of map or garrysmod. Requirement is Half-Life 2 Episode 1 must installed and play once (because its using ep1 content).


+ 4 Song

  • No Life Queen
  • World is Mine
  • P0nP0nWayWay
  • WakaLaka

+ 2 Model Selection

  • Naluri Sihara with V5 model
  • Hatsune Miku with a bit new look

+2 Backdancer which is PASKAL Elite unit

+4 Custom animation taken from MMD featuring those song

+Customize button in map for music and model selection



+Half-Life 2 Episode 1



+Put .bsp file into “map folder” in garrysmod folder or ep1/ep2 folder

+Play with Garrysmod: The map will appear in garrysmod singleplayer selection list

+Play with hl2 ep1/ep2 : press “~” and type “map dancedancehl” without quote.


+Naluri Sihara Character and model (c) XenoAisam
+Hatsune Miku model (c) Xenoaisam
+Hatsune Miku character (c) Crypton Future Inc.
+Hl2 content (c)  Valve

+title: No Life Queen
arrangement: ELEMENTAS, Kuwacho
lyrics: ELEMENTAS, Kuwacho
vocals: Nana Takahashi
original title: 亡き王女の為のセプテット
source: the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
album artist: SOUND HOLIC

+Song Title: World is Mine
Song Composer: Ryo (Supercell)
Singer: Vocaloid Software – Hatsune Miku
Album Publisher: Sony Entertainment

+Song: Waka Laka
Artists: Jenny Rom vs. The Zippers

Copyright of W4rn3r Muslc J4p4n


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