Collection Of Video

Here I collect the video which make/use outside hl2 game featuring my model

Also if you guys got some more, i can share it here ! XD


Also now i move my gallery link to deviantart for temporary. I am unable to update the gallery anymore because got many stuff to handle. I’m sorry. Until further update or notice, i try to get it more better next time.

My Deviant Site:



  1. There are more videos where your models are used.

    P.D: Although isnt a video, and still in alpha state (didnt back to it yet), there is a second MMD model of yours:


    (holes are cause due the quick rigging in a MMD default skeleton)

  2. hey that’s the model I comissioned. not bad. I ‘d love to see her for myself to see how she renders in kinect.

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