Phase 2 BANZAI Game Development

So what i’m doing for not appearing such long? so here what i’m doing… Phase 1 is starting making animation and import model into the engine and Phase 2 is finished development of character movement system and also some map import testing

Phase 2 status:
+Rokiahi now have motion locomotive movement (react with environment surface) and Running when press Shift
+Can shooting and reload with GUI/HUD working display
+Custom map can now be import (map is 100% made by me using Sketchup)
+Enemy UAV is template from Unity3D thirdperson

This is prove:
+Sketchup tools can be use to make map for the game
+I can program too?
+Rokiahi using other outfit because the original costume expose Rokiahi sexiness when camera look from below

I need volunteer because i cant work alone:
+Voice needed for Rokiahi.
+Programmer for cleaning up mess / do proper managing for my script / adding new feature / else
+Sound artist needed for original SFX and music

Please volunteer if you are capable within the list or got other things to propose.
Of course i got no money to hire people but this might be good portfolio if its working well.

Make using Unity 3D engine. Quite flexible if compare UDK.. but ofc not as beauty as UDK


  1. Good luck with the project, Xeno! =u=

    I wonder where Rokiahi’s outfit before her current one went. 😛

  2. Greetings

    I think I could help with the programming. I am quite experienced with 3d development. If you are interested in my help, please send me an email so we can talk better.

    Thanks in advance

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