L4D2 Ported is not by me

If anyone see my other model goes into L4d2 even it is my Miku model. Its not ported and supported by me! Thats someone else work!

See this link:





If you love much my model and wanted to share it around, please use a proper way! you just make me piss 😡

PS: someone else who have that site account, please warn that guy!


  1. I understand you are angry with whoever did this, but you know it is also your fault. People have been asking you to do this for ages and you always make excuses, say you are too lazy or just refuse. We have asked you many times to use the method used for Miku on your other models and you just ignore us.

    I had nothing to do this, but if you had just done as you were asked so nicely this would not have happened.

    • well i got no problem if you guys do your own ported into l4d2 but the problem is when YOU GUYS USING MY NAME!
      Now people have think i’m the one who put it there at l4dmaps.com.. not just that, YOU GUYS DONT KNOW TO PUT PROPER DESCRIPTION!!

      in that link above i just see: “Miku Hatsune replaces to Zoey ” & “BRS replaces to Zoey ” … is that all???

      You guys need to learn to put proper credits and description! Try be professional!

      with my answer : “i’m lazy or just refuse” is the way i talk friendly with others.. but technical answer is : “porting to l4d series is hard! some bone at hand got issue where not proper skinning” if you realize or not, i’m using original zoey hand, not Miku.. 😦

      You guys just simply request “can you make this to l4d2?” and many times… but my hardship hard to get paid for… only some people who really appreciate my works and donate some money…

  2. So if someone wants to share Xenoaisam’s model to any other games that yet officialy,don’t give his name to involved with anything,right?

  3. So the point is,if someone Imports Xenoaisam Based models for helping people who needs it,If he doesn’t done any part to this process,don’t get his name involved anything with it? Right?

  4. I’m glad that someone made the imports,and Xenoaisam put those show those links,so somebody who are dying to try Xenoaisam’s original models to some of “games that never released for”.

    Should more people spread this news now. since they now know that there’s custom party that makes satisfied(And those party should be really enthusiasm,if they’re not “Oh no they don’t import anymore,Oh Xenoaisam please make it for us”),and makes him become Less busy

    So the point is,if someone Imports Xenoaisam Based models for helping people who needs it,If he doesn’t done any part to this process,don’t get his name involved anything with it? Right?

  5. No offence to “SoybeanPowered” and “Anonymous” os should I say “HorieChan” but I’m gonna side with xeno on this one! You lot don’t seem to understand how much painstaking work it takes to get models made let alone ported for other games! I’ve seen it first hand and I’ve been trying to port my own Commissioned Moe GlaDOS (also made by Xeno) to work in Portal 2 as either an NPC or a Chell Replacement! It’s hard to implement as it takes a lot of experimenting to get it right! Xeno has a right to has his name on the credits since he made the original versions on there!

  6. Oh,i apologize for make a misunderstanding.
    i’m actually i just want to say positive for both sides.

    As i said about the point,i said as he might don’t like somebody just cames up,put his name into anything!

    Next,i glad that someone has successfully made the import,so Xenoaisam could have more free time,but i disagree that they put his name to it unproperly!

    That’s what i mean, What is the “HorieChan” ?

  7. I was the one who ported the model.
    However, I’ve never posted on that site either. I’ve credited as port by me and model by xenoaisam. nice and simple.
    I guess, there will be many **tard that will just re upload it somewhere else with no proper credit, which I’ve experience alot in my past work (which was 2D Sprite art)
    I just download it and checked the inside file and at least the author was under my name with xenoaisam as an original model creator.

    • Okay, for some reason, the author has changed from xenoaisam to “horiechan,xenoaisam”.
      And I was able to change the description so I added all the credit and told them that the mod got nothing to do with you except skin by you.
      I kept the author as it is right now, but let me know if you prefer not to have it.

  8. I remember you doing an early port of my glados model also designed by xeno. I don’t have a problem with you releasing a port, hoever I’d love to do a quality check run of her to see how she looks if possible before release as I’d rather test things out first just to make sure others don’t get dissapointed.
    I’m sure xeno would agree with me here.

  9. Yeah, I’ve been discuss to xeno about the quality of the work done though it took me too long to work out the problem and just like xeno I’m also extremly busy, I decided to release what I got for those whose been waiting for it to be release regardless of the quality rather than disapointing them if I decided to not release it.
    I haven’t release Glados because of the quality I’ve done and not tending to release it. I only put a lot of effort in Miku and BRS.

  10. well miku’s and glados’s versions are identical except a few things. it can be tweaked. if there’s anything I can do to help let me know. I’m already doing experiments with porting her to portal 2 as I said before.

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