Slowy Pokey~

Things are slow lately…

Well its not like i’m busy or what… its just i want to try something else other then just modeling..

Yeah its an experiment! still progressing, slowly~ i’m not gonna tell you guys!! RAWRRRRrrr

Naluri-chan!~ ❀

Owh! by the way, i was working with Sakura model. Its already finish but need to be compose~



  1. Any Kiwi birdies in New Zealand, Xeno? =u=

    *Tiger-I Len and Rin play with random Kiwi birdies in the background*

  2. Tiger-I Len: *Peeks inside* Oh. No one’s here. o.o *Goes back outside to fetch a crate of fireworks for launching later on* OuO

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