Evil Moe Glados Cut-scene + Kinect Animation for Half-Life 2 + Tutorial

Exactly the final one of Kinect use on the testing map. The result:

It include tutorial for MoCap creation into half-life 2. All other info about the map can be get at the last post:


You can try download the final map here:


The packed file contain .bsp for hl2 to run. Please extract it in map folder and run it using HALF-LIFE 2: EPISODE 2. Not gmod and other…

It also contain .vmf file use to open up into hammer editor, feel free to look into it

It may look not as great but this appear an opportunity to work more further as part of game development.

I forgot to list for the Nurani voice actor cast, Credits for RozenZtar for her cute voice 🙂
her YouTube profile: http://www.youtube.com/user/RozenStar


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