Kinect Animation

Lately i bought Xbox Kinect just for a sake of animation and after the help from the net, i make it work!

Thanks to

for its excellent tools for making Kinect useful for development purpose and make the low budget MoCap ideally work at home! check out about the site: Brekel Kinect

If you want to try it too, make sure you prepare this stuff:

  • A Powerful pc, because its multi-threading use
  • A Kinect Device of course, you can get it around 400+usd at microsoft
  • The Brekel Software and all its needed. Check it here:
  • Autodesk Motion Builder for animation recording and refinement (i use version 2009)
  • 3ds max with suitable FBX plugin (i use old 3ds max 7)
  • AND PURPOSE WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? such for game development? modding? and such

and tutorial how to install, check it here:

What am i doing with this stuff?

Here the result:

I make the result compiled in half-life 2 ep 2. Its a short cut-scene featuring Nurani want to capture Moe Glados alive but its seems Glados it self is too powerful.

You can try download the map here:

The file contain .bsp for hl2 to run. Please extract it in map folder and run it using HALF-LIFE 2: EPISODE 2. Not gmod and other…

Its still lacking of Sound and Choreography needed but this appear an oppurtunity to work more further as part of game development.

Have fun!


  1. So it did work after all. Great job on this one, Xeno. OuO

    Sherman Len + Rin: *Are watching the vid* OuO OuO

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