Music Video for XenoAisam

Hi guys,

sorry for lacking news this lately, i’m busy with real-life environment. The university taking most of my time and i stress up with many things. Unfortunately, all things gone well back after my last presentation 13 April.. everything going well back. I hope you guys are good too!

so here the main topic, 2 people which my fans making a music video about my stuff and anime op style use gmod. Its really good and i hope you guys watch it too:

This one from Lyric.02, my steam friend from France. He make really awesome music video about my stuff. Thank You very much! i really appreciate it~ you’re really cool and talented!

another one:

and this is from Spanish. I just randomly searching at youtube and found this. I think its good too!  it was made using gmod and music from Tsubasa Chronicle. Thank you for the one use well my stuff!

Other things;

i probably continue my modeling works if anything else clear. So far i still got some works from university, so just stay intact with me 🙂


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