Karasz and Captain Benci

This time update is a male model!

Here i released 2 types of model; one is Karasz, the commission from Karasz it self and the another one in Capt. Benci, Rokiahi captain! The information about them below:


Karasz is thecrispt3r4t0r. The one who is popular on making machinima using mix stuff of nintendo world, anime, classic, valve and parody character from many source into garrysmod. His high skill put him in popular list of public, only the ignorant prick who hating, racist and such dind’t acknowledge his capabilities. So this model is represent him!

thecrispt3r4t0r youtube link:

Download Link:



Benci known for its rebellious habit. Always saying the stuff which he dont like but the fact is he just felt it normally. The habit come when he’s still kids. Live in one part of England, the surrounding of people who is arrogant. The context influence him to behave such that. With the training in PASKAL, his behaviour are slowly to become more manner, some time he use the word “hate” just for fun.
Benci is counterpart of Rokiahi as her Captain. So he is responsible to monitor Rokiahi performance also help her if needed. The relationship between them sometime make the people confuse them as the lovers, but the difference between love of Rokiahi and hate of Benci make them synchronize to be together, the way of Yin Yang.

Download Link:



Make use them for the sake of male character! and make Rokiahi not feel lonely anymore~ XD


  1. Fun to see one of the male PASKAL members entering OC. Buuuuut, honestly Xeno, does’nt Benci look just a bit like a gender swapped Riroki? 😉

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