FakeFactory CM 10.94 Alyx – Anime Packs‏

note from raidensnake:

I’d thought I’d help you guys out with permission from XenoAisam by releasing a 7-in-1 Mega Pack of her existing Alyx replacement models for FakeFactory’s Cinematic Mod 10.94!

Just to show you what I mean here’s a comparison of the quality between the original Half-Life 2 Games & the FakeFactory HD versions using the Humanoid Moe Glados Model I requested last year.

Half-Life 2:

Half-Life 2: Episode 1

Half-Life 2: Episode 2

Pretty Impressive ain’t it?

Here’s what models are included in this pack.

Humanoid Moe GlaDOS:

Hatsune Miku v2.5 + Leek:

Naluri (PASKAL):

Nurani (PASKAL):

Rohani (PASKAL):

Rokiahi (PASKAL):

Mecha Musume: Tiger-I:

The installation instructions will be included in a readme file.

These took a lot of time to tweak for FakeFactory so I hope you enjoy them!


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