Messing with Hatsune Miku in 3ds max and L4D

New video shows the workspace shot of miku model and a bit of L4D ingame play… so give it a shot!

and new render image into gallery; the full view of front pic:


    • Lol, so you have seen ’em already. XD

      Funny thing is that Len’s Young Adult Dancer outfit looks like it borrows ideas from your Naluri-chan’s outfit with the bodysuit under shorts thing. I’m wondering if it’s a coincidence or if Naluri is more famous than any of us thought. XD + o.O

  1. Yup. If I recall correctly, those two outfits came from some sort of VOCALOID outfit contest for PD 2nd…which explains alot. o.O

  2. *A poster that reads “Pills here!” can be seen in the background*

    Miku + Young Adult Dancer Len + Francis + Louis: O.O x4

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