Lucy and Left 4 Miku Released

New Download Has Released!

The contain are Lucy (Elfen Lied) for Garrysmod upon commission from Karasz and Miku for Left 4  Dead as Zoey replacement. Miku L4d have known issue at online play which i cant solve it because unknown problems but its perform well in Singleplay. Lucy model only for garrysmod! not as the picture above as witch, i dont have time to make all of those. So feel free to download! …and dont forget to donate me some money uhuhuhu T_T

Download (the below image is link up to dropbox. Any other link, you can access it through download section):



    • Sorry about the triple post by the way, but you got the directory wrong. The directory should be:

      C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/SteamUsername

      or if Vista:

      C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/SteamApps/SteamUsername

      Forget the faceposer complaint. I must be that stupid to not realize my error. 😦 I’m so sorry. -_-;

      • @ Karasz
        A little sidenote, the Program Files (x86) folder only exists on those running x64 bit Windows (XP, Vista, 7)

        In Vista/7 32-bit, it is just called Program Files.

        By the way, some people do not have Steam on their C folders, because their C drive is small. They put it on their larger drive or volume.

  1. I wonder what other L4D Survivor stand-ins are in store. We already have Miku as Zoey’s stand-in, so…

    Tiger-I Len: *Holds up sign in the background that reads “Maybe me if Bill, Louis, or Francis need a stand-in?”* o.o
    SpecAlpha: *Holds up a sign in the background that reads “PILLS HERE!”* OuO

    As for the installer, I guess I’m rather used to moving the files and folders to their destinations manually over the years. I know where everything is, but it’s pretty much habit at this point. o.o

    • I’m arealdy get used with moving files manually as you are -.-

      I think the installer seems to okay,if someone didn’t know the correct destination of files.

      I seems so worried if the installer is fixed, so we can’t do manual something else.

      I’ve checked The installer ,Its not fixed. So we can put pick each file to modifield or reskin in hexed .
      If been rightully agree.:]

      • Yea I’ve been trying to use the installer with no success, do you know where the correct directory is? The one he gave doesn’t work, I’ve tested it. If only I could manually copy paste, since I know where it’s all supposed to go, but there’s no manual way D:

      • Basically the Correct Directory is the ..\Steam\Steamapps\Username\Half Life2 (or other game title\
        and find your model and materials foldier and place them there

  2. i was playing l4d silent hill with soytamap! ^_^ it was fun, hard, challenging campaign i ever play in l4d! i suggest you guys have it a try~ right Soyu?

  3. Whoa! Cute OwO
    But who’s she, i think she’s from Pangya But… I think no – –
    Anyhow I want Miku(And Lucy) for L4D2 It’s long time?
    Don’t worry, I can wait for you untill my school close


  4. @ Xeno: Lol, give Len his Young Adult Dancer outfit from Project Diva 2nd and you have the most lulz stand-in for Ellis since…ever, really. o.O + XD

  5. so you think its a good idea if you can make the Len, Rin, and Luka for the L4d Replacements? maybe if you are good enough you can put Miku, Len, Rin, and Luka in l4D2 lol

      • No no I like the model you made currently but the latest model you released besides miku looks enhanced so just wondering if you can enhance like your latest model you released earlier ( not the first miku model you made but the one that you released 2 characters which in tan uniform and black carbine uniform)

      • Do you mean Naluri and Rokiahi? (Naluri is tan, and Rokiahi is black uniform). They are newer than Miku.

  6. The PASKAL Gals are Xeno’s signature creations. There’s a whole backstory on them somewhere back when Banzai was still active, but even with the Project having fallen through, Xeno’s been working on updates for Naluri and Rokiahi’s designs to this very day. OuO

  7. hey i was just wondering…. is there any chance of Lucy or Miku or any of the others getting ported to L4D2… or 1?

    i REALLY hate all the L4D2 survivors and the models of miku and lucy are just… :O

  8. when garry’smod was loading i was looking at the stuff and it said patching broken update and when the game load lucy wasnt there… Im not sure if i did it right i put her on the desktop like u said

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