Request for L4d Miku beta closed

The request are now closed! now we just need the response from the tester~

For the tester, just tell me everything you think odd when testing it, ok?

and for the new update; this is what so far now, the HUD changed:

Its look good right?

and actually as i mention long back time ago… we are working on creating new 3D screensaver for PC. As far i know, there’s no real 3D anime screen saver out there, so we decide to make one (..or more depend on request). This screensaver will be use our own young TearSys Engine… still in developing and i hope you guys give the fully support for this project!

The poll were created at the front page is one of the feature i suggest. So if you like it, give a “yes” choice ^_^


  1. hmm.. the original is facing exactly side view… while the pic is slightly 15degree from it.. i dunno if i should make it facing to the side view just like original?

    • The original might be nice.. but it would be even more better if you can show 2 variants of her being the side view and the front view 😀

  2. Once this is released, it will be funny for Miku to fight her witch self in L4D. From the screen shots, it looks great!

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