Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

I got mail today (not my email inbox)
surprising one of character designer send me mail asking about my character (especially Naluri) about its upcoming new game for Konami

he said wanted to deal with me if i could sell off Naluri to him then we can deal the price…

OMG… i dunno if this a shock news or what! i do wanted to get popularize but i don want to sell my Naluri T_T
He say the new upcoming project still in planning and would be set in desert… its more like “Desert Punk” anime but he lack of idea and wanted to use my character… in exchange, my Naluri will be copyrights of Konami…0_o
duh… i was think, why not just buy my mecha musume model? seem Konami also a bit in charge of making SkyGirl and StrikeWitch… i thought if they lack of model, they should ask me to sell some model =p or at least work for him… but not selling my beloved Naluri uhuhu

all the staff info include his name are prohibited to write here

Here the letter image:

all rand above just an April fool jokes XD


    • Lulz. I knew this had to be April Fools since Konami would usually say something if they were trying to acquire something. Nice one. XD

      *A Naluri plushie parachutes in from the sky*

  1. How am I fooled? I’m still laughing…

    Of course based on your works, this might convince Konami. What else!? Naluri is frequently promoted! Due to this, that might even convince Konami more.

      • But if you sell the copyrights to Naluri and crew off, then they can change her without your consent–then it wouldn’t be the Naluri and crew we know anymore. D:

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