Lightning Strike, Video and Miku

Heavy rain in my place, i’m playing with my pc desktop~ suddenly the thunder strike and my pc got struck by lightning!!!

nuuuuuuuu~~~~~ my house become blackout! but i see some white flash behind my computer power supply… nooooooooooooooo its burnnneedddd!!!

i try to start back my pc, but its not respond!!! uhuhu i become afraid, i thought it will effect the hard disk too… this is bad!!! i prepared my self in that day too and try to bring it to nearest computer service center…

owh god! owh god! i hope its not terrible effecting my HDD… i dont want all my Data loss just because of that!!! i ask many things at the service guy for hopping my hdd is okay~

after the service guy figure it out whats the problem at my pc, ahh thanks to god! its only affect the power supply! nothing more from it~

but still, i’m still not satisfy! i ask the service guy to on the pc till it enter the window… and yes its works fine just like normal! owhhhh goddd!! its still in good condition!!!!!!!

ahhhhhhhh~ sob~ sob~ i’m really happy!!

then after wrapping back up, suddenly my lusty eyes cant get away from something~



Radeon HD 5750
core speed: 705 MHz
Memory speed: 4.6 GHz
Memory interface: 128-bit
Memory transfer rate: 73.6 GB/s
Pixel Speed: 720
DirectX: 11

without thinking any further i just bought it without care about my money~ uhuhuhu and now i got it in my girl! ( i mean my pc)

play, play and play, suddenly i realize… where’s “motion blur”???? duh~ why its doesn’t appear in any game i play?? in Resident Evil 5, in Crysis and even in Directx sdk, nothing appear….

i try download and use latest version of catalyst driver and its still didn’t appear… darn ~_~

then i go back and wanted to change it into NVIDIA back~ darn you ATI! although you’re using DDR5 memory and DirectX11, but why a small thing such motion blur didn’t appear? gah~ now i reverting back into NVIDA card:


GeForce GTS 250
core speed:
738 MHz / 1,836 MHz
Memory speed:
2.2 GHz
Memory interface:
Memory transfer rate: 70.4 GB/s
Pixel Speed: 128
DirectX: 10

yeah~ revert back into NVIDIA, but i hope it will solve this problem~

ps: all drawing above just parody and all of it are drawn using MS paint


Waiting Karasz new video?

yeah here you are!

Misadventures of Sekai continue with evil mansion!

hehe its contain a bit ecchi~ dont blame me~

the video already up a month ago but i’m the one who late to post it here, sorry…


well after the university submission, i do some update from existing model… well still upgrading it~

Chubby miku version 2! ahahaha

well maybe i’m using this model for my personnel use… seem in gmod, there’s already one which far more cute…
for ut2004… i dunno…. need many works to do

hmm~ but this version got faceposer eh~ lol yeah~ just like my other model

so thats all!


  1. Looooooool. That’s worth another Gmod 4Koma (or any -Koma) follow-up on my end. Now to see where I can get that map. @u@

    • Like all maps, you’ll find that map in Garry’s

      By the way, you’re working on a Gmod 4Koma? You should show it to me sometime. 😛

      • I originally planned this one to be of 4Koma format, but I ditched that and decided to make it in the mold of a graphic novel instead. It’s an unofficial follow-up of what happens at the Evil Mansion after Sekai and Makoto were there from Karl-Gerat Boy’s view. The storyline is more on the serious side, but without further ado…

  2. Sorry about your computer, but thankfully your HDD is OK. Heh, the GTS 250 is my next choice (would have gone to HD5770, but for other reasons–ie less driver issues, individual 3D settings, possible hidden issues with ATi, etc).


    LOL! Too much parts too mention! Definitely poor Sekai…
    Hey! Kotonoha with the Japanese saw! LOL!

  3. heh gman~ at first shot when entering the mansion, he’s at the left stair~
    i wont notice it if in first look~ but i see it in second round of video…..
    also there’s Gabe Newell in there too!

  4. As for Miku, I do not think this one is chubby; she looks normal to me. :/ (Well, the face because this one I guess is built from NaluriV4 model reference)

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