New Video from Karasz

This one is reallyy goooddd!! must watch!! this is the next series of Sekai adventure on Valve world =p… sorry no preview picture in this moment… because it wouldn’t be surprise if it’s shown…



gallery update!

Naluri again! nyaaaaa…… what would i say, Naluri already lovely and cute… no one cant resist her charm 😀

~Full view at gallery~


  1. Loooooool. Now I feel like I should make another Gmod 4Koma (Starring Karl-Gerat Boy, of course). At first I thought the BLU Spy would’ve helped Sekai, but then he just ran off with the Chaos Emerald…and then got gibbed. XD

  2. haha i’m also cant stop laughing~ this video is great!
    last time with full of curses from Niko, and this time with funny fighting non-stop~ hehe

  3. “Naluri again! nyaaaaa……”

    Looks like Naluri wants to keep the “Nyaa”…oh well *stares again*

  4. So surprise,and continuly.
    He makes those models do the nice stuff here, hehe great.
    i just uses for building quietly.

  5. And all I can do are Gmod comics in the format of 4Koma (Yet I still go over the four frame mark)–I don’t think I’d be able to use any footage capturing software pretty well. XD

  6. Oh yeahhhh,man. I’m respect him Cuz He’s make a gmod ragdolls and more stuff of….(moe?). And…For a 1-2 years ago, I’m search him about Naluri project(That time I don’t no who make Naluri)For a 1-2 years, When i found his website(I’m feeling glad!!!!)I’m seen a lot of moe stuff

    That’s why I’m respect him.(But he’s a quite person and older then me >_<)

    See u later ^^

    สวัสดีครับบบบบบบบบ(Greeting from Thailand)

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