New Video from Karasz

This one is reallyy goooddd!! must watch!! this is the next series of Sekai adventure on Valve world =p… sorry no preview picture in this moment… because it wouldn’t be surprise if it’s shown…



gallery update!

Naluri again! nyaaaaa…… what would i say, Naluri already lovely and cute… no one cant resist her charm 😀

~Full view at gallery~


  1. Loooooool. Now I feel like I should make another Gmod 4Koma (Starring Karl-Gerat Boy, of course). At first I thought the BLU Spy would’ve helped Sekai, but then he just ran off with the Chaos Emerald…and then got gibbed. XD

  2. So surprise,and continuly.
    He makes those models do the nice stuff here, hehe great.
    i just uses for building quietly.

  3. And all I can do are Gmod comics in the format of 4Koma (Yet I still go over the four frame mark)–I don’t think I’d be able to use any footage capturing software pretty well. XD

  4. Oh yeahhhh,man. I’m respect him Cuz He’s make a gmod ragdolls and more stuff of….(moe?). And…For a 1-2 years ago, I’m search him about Naluri project(That time I don’t no who make Naluri)For a 1-2 years, When i found his website(I’m feeling glad!!!!)I’m seen a lot of moe stuff

    That’s why I’m respect him.(But he’s a quite person and older then me >_<)

    See u later ^^

    สวัสดีครับบบบบบบบบ(Greeting from Thailand)

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