Update No.17 : メカ娘 Karl-Gerat are ready to deploy!!

Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it!

Karl-Gerat boy are ready for download!! the download consist of two type! unrealtournament 2004 and half-life2; garrysmod
please download below:


This Version include custom weapon, custom voice, cellshade model


Half-Life2; GarrysMod:

This version include NPC, player model and ragdoll




its also available at market to sell!
This source data include animation, faceposer, bone for hl2 & ut2004, T-pose, action pose, Texture, Hipoly model for normal map and much more


  1. Yay! Just downloaded the UT2004 version–Lol @ the bio for Karl-Gerat Boy too. o.O + XD

    For some odd reason I can’t seem to find the Karl-Gerat Boy voicefile in the Player customize menu–I see all the others (including the Shadow the Hedgehog voicefile I’ve been using for Panzer Len for ages) but I don’t see the Karl-Gerat Boy voicefile anywhere. o.O

    Still, this model wins for lulz. Gonna download and test out the Gmod one next. XD

  2. Lol!

    “Don’t get cocky! I’m a boy! Only I just born to be this beauty and devastating”

    The cannon makes shout, “holy s***!”

    Unfortunately for Karl-Gerat boy, the mecha girls are already planning to embarrass the poor boy.

  3. Strangely I found out the Young Anakin Skywalker voicepack seems to suit the, er, trap unusually well–wonder if that means we’ll be seeing–

    Karl-Gerat Boy: Woooooooooohoooooooo!!!! @u@ *Speeds along in a Pod Racer*
    random SS Panzer Girl: lolwut– *Gets gibbed upon getting run over*

  4. Actually the wooooohooooo could make sense…Karl-Gerat is skating when is strafing left and right!

    Karl-Gerat boy 0_o: Woooohoooo!
    Crowd: “Watch out for the-!”
    Karl-Gerat boy 0_o: *Crash*
    Crowd: “…wall!”


    Thanks to the animations…I hope the mecha girls are not behind him… O.O!

    • That skating while strafing thing makes me think about the Doms from the Gundam series–safe to say teaming Karl-Gerat Boy up with two Karl-Gerat Girls will enable…

      Karl-Gerat Boy + both Karl-Gerat Girl: JET STREAM ATTACK!!!

      *They charge the one SS Panzer Girl guarding a random bunker entrance, with the first Karl-Gerat Girl throwing a Flashbang Grenade, the second Karl-Gerat Girl firing her Morser, and Karl-Gerat Boy going in to confirm a kill by plunging an oversized Combat Knife into the legless SS Panzer Girl’s chest*


      With Karl-Gerat Boy being surrounded by random bishoujos on his team, it’s disturbingly only a matter of time until something not safe for work happens… @.@;

  5. Lack of sound effects for skating movement is actually an advantage–imagine if every single time Karl-Gerat Boy did a skate-dash, the boost-dash sound from the Virtual-On series played–that everyone would hear from the other side of the map just because said sound is so recognizable. XD

  6. Had this one conversation with my cousin a few hours ago about the Karl-Gerat model she downloaded earlier on–apparently she pays waaay too much attention to details. o.O

    *Chat log (Screen names removed of course)*
    Me: Of course Karl-Gerat Boy is a trap! It says so right in the .u File that he’s designated as a Male character. Besides, I compiled that shota-style voicepack using (Orochi) Chris’ voice samples from KoF ’98. o.o
    My cousin: Yea but still–where’s the thing? O:
    Me: o.O You actually upskirted the model?
    My cousin: lol
    Me: o.O
    My cousin: What? I did it with the Len Panzer model. 😛
    Me: Oh God… o.o;
    My cousin: lol. You have female characters on your team that upskirt the camera from time to time like the Mecha Girls. 😛

    Not displaying the rest of the chat log for extremely obvious reasons. I don’t even wanna think about what she’s trying to get at. @.@;

      • Well…remember the Rin skin I was working on…(Jun-Mi, the darker haired Rin)?
        I rather not get into that detail…(same for when I am doing the Len skin)…lol

        *Not to mention that Len and Rin share the same body skin (yes…Len and Rin have the same—well you get the idea!)

      • Oh…I guess your cousin was too curious…(should have added that on my previous comment, sorry for double post).

  7. On another note (and thankfully not so o.O at that), I have been working on a UT2004 voicepack using (Orochi) Chris’ KoF ’98 voice samples. Had to rip them from MUGEN, but at its current state, it’s gonna end up being yet another Tauntpack–none of the voice samples sound like they could be used as orders though some of them could be used as status reports.

    On top of that, I have to actually listen to the voice sample in question over and over, find the Romanji that corresponds to it, and then put that down as the text accompanying said voice sample. I might have to find an actual (Orochi) Chris KoF ’98 voicepack as ripping sounds from MUGEN gets rather tedious (not all the sounds associated with a character are voice samples–some, if not most of them are attack sound effects). o.o

  8. @ DCI: Lol, she was and it actually ends up being a running joke as despite how that chat log portrayed stuff, we get along pretty well. (That topic still caught me off-guard, of course.) o.O + XD

    As for Panzer Len/Rin (and Jun-Mi I guess), I thought there were some minor differences with the body model and skin as…yeah, compared to Karl-Gerat Boy, Panzer Len is actually luckier in the fact that his outfit gives him a “This. IS. SPARTAAA!!!” look of sorts. o.O

      • And then we find out they’re not even boxers. o.O

        Rin: lol, shota undies. OuO
        Len: o.o; *Tries to hide*
        Rin: *Does things best not mentioned* @u@

  9. By the way, I finally managed to get some “new” Mecha Shounen Len + Mecha Shoujo Rin concept doodles up back on Banzai HQ–it’s actually an edit of an older concept doodle (Tiger-I Len and Rin) and the variant in question is based on the Seven Sword System concept demonstrated by 00 Gundam Seven Sword and Gundam Exia. o.O

    Talk about one of my even more weirder ideas–might come up with a M26 Pershing Len + Rin variant based around the “Seven Gun System” concept only demonstrated by Cherudim Gundam SAGA so far. Lol @ my constant borrowing of Gundam concepts and fitting them into Mecha Musume designs. XD

    • Wait, SkinCity actually updated? That’s good to hear, especially with the lack of new models lately. o.O

      That reminds me, I really need to fix up my (Orochi) Chris voicepack, but the problem with basing a voicepack on KoF characters is that you’ll have plenty of material for taunts and acknowledging orders but not much in the way for issuing orders. o.o

  10. I don’t think it will be done for awhile though, mainly because of the whole issuing orders voicefile issue. Might as well switch gears and make it a Tauntpack with as much as I can find the equivalent Romanji for using. o.o

    Even in its current state it’d fit Karl-Gerat Boy decently enough, considering the whole gag behind him and all. o.o

    • Wait–I lied. I just finished up the new (Orochi) Chris KoF voicepack (more like a tauntpack), so you might wanna check your e-mail when you get a chance. o.o

  11. Xeno, I actually have an idea for an update to Karl-Gerat Boy’s outfit. It’s pretty much demonstrated here: http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc41/TheBishyOne/Mecha%20Musume%20stuff/Karl_Gerat_Trap_New_Bodysuit.jpg

    It’s based on a skit back on the BBS where NM156 (Neru Akita stand-in/DCI’s Miku palette swap) actually gets Karl-Gerat Boy to wear a one-piece underneath his uniform when she tells him it has more “coverage”. I’m trying to figure out how to go about this in UT2004 but have no way of doing this for the Gmod version. Any tips on what textures to look at to do this for the UT2004 version? o.o

  12. Lol, after three years, I just had an idea for a Karl-Shota update. Here’s what I’m thinking–

    1) Karl-Shota w/ the same hairstyle as Kirino Ranmaru from Inazuma Eleven.
    2) Pantsu replaced with one-piece swimsuit (similar to Naluri’s, but with more ‘rear coverage’)
    3) Open jacket, anyone?

      • Hais! :3

        Yeah. This redesign of the Karl-Shota model would make him look more like his current incarnation as described back at the BBS’ Lolspam thread. 😛

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