Surprise but not surprise

promotion till this christmas eh? …not so surprise but please wait till then

new wallpaper into gallery

and also a new video!


  1. Panzer Girl: *Pees herself silly as she stares at the crater in the ground generated by just one 60cm Morser shot* O.O;

    Yeah. The 60cm Morser should be win. That said, two things came up in my not-so-sane brain:

    1) Shouldn’t we put the “Adam” label on both sides on the gun? It kinda feels odd to see it on one side of the gun yet the other side is more or less “blank”. o.O


    2) For some odd reason, my brain just had a bit of a revelation–some peeps like certain ragdolls to be gibbed (lol, poor Panzer Girls), others like certain ragdolls to be gib-proof (just like Naluri and Panzer Len/Rin whom will even stay intact when hit by a friggin’ Redeemer). So that got me thinking about what if one Karl-Gerat was gibbable and the other was gib-proof? That way we satisfy both camps of peeps out there. o.O

    Currently liking the results of all this so far to say much. @u@

  2. glad u like it! ^_^

    well if u want it gib-able or not, just go into .upl file and change something in those line; skeleton=”blablabla” into other mesh name….
    this will effect the “death plasmarize” effect too

    • So, that means if I wanted to do that with Karl-Gerat, I’d just have to change the skeleton field to skeleton=”[Name of Karl-Gerat’s normal mesh]”?

      I think I might try this out on more than the Karl-Gerat model. You wouldn’t mind posting that bit of code on the BBS, would you? I might want to have it there for reference in case I want to try this out and the reverse on other models. o.O

      • Just decided to pull up the ShermanArmored.upl for reference. If I wanted to make her ungibbable for example, would I then change the line that says–



        Skeleton=ShermanArmoredInfantry.Sherman ?

        I’m assuming this is what I’d change it to as that’s what the Mesh file was pointed out to be in the code. o.O

  3. Now I see how can make everyone gib and no-one a god.
    Real bloody mess!
    Aw, no bloody mesh (NaluriV1, RohaniV1, NuraniV1, and RirokiV1 have this) if I wanted to allow gibbing.

    I calculated the 60cm Morser is larger than the most powerful naval cannon (16in/50 caliber Mark 7 or the USS Iowa 406mm). I hope that gun (reality: gun is a large weapon, the easy-to-carry gun would be a firearm) is more than enough to blow Liandri into…molecules?

    Suprise and NO suprise

    • Lol, so much for Liandri bringing tomorrow, today. XD

      As we all know the 60cm Morser was such a big weapon that how they managed to keep it barely mobile via insanely large support crews is something I still wonder. o.O

  4. Is the gun’s projectile speed faster than the Sherman 75mm?
    From the video, the gun seems to splatter Miku in a single click.

    If that is the case…

    *Betruger laugh*

    • Good question. I do note the 60cm Morser is a really scary thing to face at range…especially when Karl-Gerat Boy perches himself on top of a high vantage point like a vulture just to rain down howitzer death on targets down below. @u@

    • Mutator is called Outsider. The place where I got the mutator is gone, but I still have it on my computer. I wonder, am I allowed to post links here? If not, I will have to find somewhere to give you that mutator.

      • I think I might have the Outsider mutator somewhere. One thing I found odd is how the Win Match screen where it goes to 3rd person view focused on the last person to make the kill is now off-set to one side or the other of said person. o.O

      • Same here…

        Plus, I am unable to do screenshot mode (turn off HUD) with that mutator running, unless I switch to first person and enable mode from there.

  5. I guess that’s the bullet to be bitten when using the Outsider Mutator. At least Mechwarrior 3 allowed switching between 1st-person, side-offset 3rd-person, and directly behind 3rd-person perspectives–why such a camera system can’t be done for UT2004 I don’t know. o.O

      • No, it means that you will not use the Ballistic Weapon’s UI weapons list.

        You can still run Ballistic Weapons with this mutator, but it will not be possible to use the weapon UI to select weapons.

  6. Good thing most of my matches have Worm! Arena Plus active–only one kind of weapon on the map, unlimited ammo, and the body parts fly everywhere. @u@

    I do see how that would be a problem when I simply have Worm! Weapon Replacer active though. @.@

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