Update No.16 : メカ娘 Karl-Gerat

Update number 15 is about second mecha musume model in this year~
Karl-Gerat is now fully textured and fully bone!

This model have additional bone to make the model movement more realistic and physic like. Below pic are some image of her in reference pose:

Action Mode:

INFO: Mecha Musume Karl-Gerat will be in both Unreal Tournament 2004 and Half-Life 2; Gmod


    • *Looks at my post* Is something up with the WordPress servers? I noticed on other blogs some posts turning out weird like my previous one.

      Corrections to the above skit: Sherman Girl, Tiger-I Girl, and Panzer Girl all glomp Karl-Gerat Boy at the same time to his confusion and bewilderment. @.@

      • I know musume means girl (actually musume is JP for female royalty). Nowadays I go with the term “Mecha Shoujo” for “Mecha Girl” and “Mecha Shounen” for “Mecha Boy” to differentiate between male and female Mecha Anthro. o.O

        Then again I don’t think “Mecha Shounen” existed before Panzer Len and as such this is actually a bit of a new idea from what I’m aware of. o.O

    • Sherman Girl: Trap huggle tiem! >w< *Glomps Karl-Gerat Boy*
      Karl-Gerat Boy: O.O; *Can't escape Sherman Girl's huggle*

      • Of course, some background info on the Karl-Gerat Boy gag–this was something some anthro fangirl on Gaia gave me an idea for. After we were lulzing over random Girl Arms gags, that gave me an idea of yet another Mecha Shounen. At first I was considering Tiger-I Girl as the base but eventually it settled on Karl-Gerat Girl–big gun, little person, and thus came the concept of Karl-Gerat Boy. o.O

        Yeah. There are lots of lulzy wackies on Gaia, myself being a loonie. o.O

  1. Another model I will make a dignified version with pants. XD

    But her headgear is cute, they look just like Mouse ears. :3

    • Yeah, the headgear does win–likely a step up from actual animal anthro ears as said headgear could probably be passed off as radar or something. o.O + XD

      Karl-Gerat Boy: *Watches crates of Mountain Dew parachute in from the sky* o.o

  2. Lol, so that’s what they are…what a coincidence–Naluri and Karl-Gerat Boy have similar anthro ears-style tactical equipment. XD

    As for the UT2004 shot, they’re turning out very well. I still lulz at how the Karl-Gerat mecha anthro design is such that it screams all kinds of androgyny jokes–makes me wonder what the Girl Arms peeps were thinking and also makes it easy to establish the Karl-Gerat Boy/”Trap” gag. o.O

    And now for something completely different:

    random MP-SpecAlpha: *Sneaks inside* >w< *Tries to steal Naluri's shorts on the couch…but then steps on something* Click? *Looks down and sees her left foot on top of a mine's pressure switch* O.O;

    *We all know what happens next–kasplosion + gibs*

    • Karl-Gerat Boy: *Reads that* o.O; *Hides inside a cardboard box*
      random “haet lady teacher”: Where’d that silly trap go? >ww<

  3. What wallpaper? No worries, no surprice has been spoiled to me. I still have no idea what your talking about. XD

    But hold on, Karl Gerat is a boy? O_o

    • The original Karl-Gerat from the Girl Arms series is a girl, but she has that looks that makes you wonder if they made her look so androgynous on purpose–hence the satire of that I created that is the Karl-Gerat Boy concept…which is clearly meant to be 100% o.O-inducing.

      And then come the classless lulz–pretty much the only redeeming value of the gag as the ones that glomp Karl-Gerat Boy all the time are always females.

      Sherman Boy: Trap Huggle Tiem! >w< *Glomps and Huggles the Karl-Gerat "Trap"*
      Karl-Gerat Boy: O.O; *Can't escape*

      The wallpaper is on Xeno's DeviantArt page. That one appears to be based on Karl-Gerat Girl, whom Karl-Gerat Boy is pretty much based on. o.O

    • Cool–wait, he’s already done? o.O

      That reminds me, is the Gmod version ready or will that take awhile? o.o

      Currently looking for something to extract MUGEN voicefiles from. Methinks King of Fighters ’98 Version (Orochi) Chris’ voicefiles would fit Karl-Gerat Boy well. Only problem is I can’t seem to extract said voicefiles and even if I managed to do that, I’d still have to make them into a UT2004 voicepack. o.o

      • its packed! and already have voice~ the weapon also work too! now only time to release on ke-risk-mass~

        next, i will make gmod version! no alyx replacement this time XD and should i skip faceposer for gmod?

  4. Thanks for helping me clear up that mess. I didn’t know that the angled brackets don’t show up in WordPress posts.

    I will say alot of peeps will be thrilled to see Karl-Gerat Boy released on Christmas–including this one girl I know on Gaia Online whom I think kinda obsesses over him. o.O

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