My Game Engine Dev progress: TeaRsYs?


I’m distract again!!

Lately, i’m not/less appear on internet because i were working on something big/tiring stuff! well not much of progress because my zero/noob knowledge on C++…. so at last it come up with alpha version of my TeaRsYs!! you may try to download and test this alpha version if its working on your pc or not:

+You may need latest directx update (august 2009)

+Naluri with spin desert scene
+Its only 1024 x 768 pixel image so it will be ugly a bit 😛

Give me feedback if u have discover a problem


update new picture into gallery. Please visit gallery to view those picture:




  1. Oh, so that’s what you’ve been up to lately…XD

    I’m not that good with C++ either. Usually I switch between Java, C#, and now I’ve ended up gravitating towards scripting languages like PHP and JScript though I’m not all that great with either. If anything, MySQL, a database language, is the only language I’m really good with. o.o;

    As for the pics, I know exactly what a MP-SpecAlpha’s reaction to the second pic would be.

    random MP-SpecAlpha: *Sees Naluri without her jacket and shorts covering up her leotard* O.O *Nosebleed rockets* @w@ *Bladder fails*
    Karl-Gerat Boy + KOS-MOS + Panzer Len: o.o; o.o; o.o;

    ^ Yay for SpecAlpha. That reminds me, in the original Banzai storyline concept, there’s only one SpecAlpha, right? (As compared to the “mass-production” SpecAlphas that I kinda use to explain why you can fight multiples of the same character in UT2004.)

      • Good question. Maybe it’s because they’re the last ones peeps would expect to nosebleed over shorts-less Naluri. Makes you wonder where the Sherman Girls are regarding that. o.O

        Sherman Girls: *Are busy stalking Karl-Gerat Boy in the background* >w<
        Karl-Gerat Boy: *Looks behind and sees nothing* Someone following me? o.O;

  2. TeaRsYs? What does that stands for?
    After running, I do not think your textures are the blame. I could adjust my 3D settings (yet not radical enough to beat my 7600GT).

    Almost everyone claimed C++ is their hardest programming language to learn and master. I was actually interested in learning it, considering number of programs are using and it pretty much hit me.

    Oh the Naluri pic…that is just too (insert praise words here because I am too distracted to comment)! Nice!

    • Lulz. I haven’t really found much new games to get into lately. Phantasy Star Portable 2 isn’t out in the U.S. yet and neither is Metal Slug XX (PSP port of Metal Slug 7). Lately I’ve been so bogged down with my project that the only gaming I ever do is between Gmod, UT2004, and Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks (Felt like playing Armored Core: Nine Breaker last week but never got to it). XD

      Karl-Gerat Boy: *Watches crates of Pepsi parachute in from the sky* o.O

  3. I know how easily distracted one can get with new games. 😛
    I’ve been busy with GHR on the other hand, and stupid studies aswell (I hate C#) and my boss in GHR drives me nuts, I could rip his intestines out and stab them… hmm, maiby a bit over the top, but at least it’ll get the job done. >_>

    On the bright side, I’m trying to get in a mod team for UT2004 that works on giving all the textures a realistic feel… which ironically makes it look more UT99 styled. :3

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