No Update!


Sorry guys! No update at the moment. I’ve become lazy bum after finishing the Tiger-I model port. In this whole week, i just stay freely, playing new game; Resident Evil 5 in PC! and its so damn addictive!!! ..i wish there’s some modding for this game! especially for model~

I think new model progress will come a bit/lot more late maybe after the final exam for my university. Ehehe~~ actually this week is my revision week, but i wrongly use it for my game habit; RE5!! aarrgghhh…. i should study!



  1. Lol, that Konata pic made me lulz for a bit. XD

    Studying is overrated–It’s usually the exams I don’t study for that I do well in, strangely enough. o.O

  2. Well, have fun with your Resident Evil 5.

    Bunneh Shota / Panzer Len / Bishy One (What is your real alias!?):
    I find studying a gamble: sometimes it will pass or fail me. Usually, classes that I pay attention to (along with interest in the subject and my morale) seem to help me.

    • Most of the time I go by Bunny Shota–the alias I use here is more or less derived from my Gaia Online persona (CrazyBunnyShota), which in itself is a satire/running gag of sorts that makes no sense whatsoever. XD

      I remember a professor of mine a few semesters ago once said that if you know all the subject material very well, then you won’t need to study. At first I thought that was a tad on the extreme end (still neat nontheless as I hate studying), but then it turned out he was right–you actually do better on exams if you casually learn the material on time and over time than during a small time crunch period.

      Yeah. Studying = boring. The following = win:

      Karl-Gerat Boy: *Fires his 60cm Morser…and gets knocked down from the recoil* >.<
      *The massive shell launched from Karl-Gerat Boy's weapon slams into a Skarrj mothership and blows a massive hole in its side.*
      Karl-Gerat Boy: O.O
      random Skarrj: *Realize that another shot like that could blow their ship up completely* O.O; *Silence* Run away! Run away! *Immediately call off their invasion plans and flee*

      • well because you’re smart!! ~_~ not like me, i were force by my parent to take archi. course, i got really bad result in my design studio, i got to struggle anything because i’m already weak in anything… thats mean i’m really stupid!

  3. Nah, that last part can’t be true. Look at all the wonderful 3D models you’ve created, from Naluri to Panzer Len to Tiger-I Girl, so you already have something working in your favor. o.o

    Besides, to this very day I still hate multivariable calculus and I REALLY hate exams of all kinds. Granted I said knowing the material beforehand takes away the need to study, but it doesn’t take away the stress you get before exam time. That’s why even before the easiest of all exams I’m all on edge–there’s no way for me to gauge an exam’s difficulty before taking it. @.@

    • XenoAisam: Do not put yourself down too much. I am even worse in terms of everything. The more you look yourself down, the worse it will be.

      Hey, at least you can model all right; for me, I do not even have the motivation (along with time and money) to model.

      Bunneh Shota: Thanks for reminding me about calculus. (I have to take that later when I am at college for engineering, damn it!)

      • I agree–putting yourself down is pretty much the last thing you’d want to do. I still suck at coding compared to my friends but I rest in the knowledge that I’m not the worst coder around, plus I make up for it by being able to debug better than my programming major buddies.

        Oh, and Calculus is NOT fun–out of all the classes I’ve taken in college over the past three years, Calculus is the one subject that has driven me closest to postal…and this is coming from someone who was good at math too. @.@

  4. Yay, I finally got my Database design in. It’s remarkably funny how implementation of the actual DB Tables is so easy yet it’s the documentation and diagrams that are supposed to be developed before it that are complicated. XD

    Oh, and I recently snapped a shot of a Gmod map so glitchy that just by respawning, you die. I tried to test if it was just a freak accident, but it kept happening every time to the point of morbid hilarity. It’s on Banzai right now. (Poor Tiger-I Girl…not the best mission to deploy, get fragged by a glitch, and then re-deploy just to get fragged by the same glitch again and again.) XD

    • Hate it when forums prevent you from READING until you register.

      Based on the heading, it is a clan forum I suppose.

      • Lol @ the other names for MREs, Doug–I’ve heard that some of the MRE items in the past were so bad that they dropped them from the menu altogether. XD

        Poor Vivi/Mutey keeps getting gibbed Bloody Hell-style, where the gibs are more or less “cooked” and…now that I think about it, methinks a fully customizable gore system for UT2004 would be neat, yes? I have a concept for such a thing written down somewhere…@u@

    • How’d the exams go? I only recently managed to catch a break from my project. Up until recently I’ve been working on the Database and game engine with my team non-stop and since we’re ahead of all the other teams in the class, I figured I’d let everyone take a break before we go onto connecting the PHP stuff to the DB. OuO

      Oh, and as you can see, I’ve been doing stuff in UT2004 lately, mainly with Bloody Hell, Vivi/Mutey, a bunch of random stock UT2004 characters, and G5 RPG Launchers. Safe to say that all leads to explosive ground-shaking lulz. XD

      Also had a weird dream last night about a Sonic Riders-style racing game that had the PASKAL girls, Panzer Len, Panzer Rin, Remilia Scarlet (Touhou), Gertrud Barkhorn (Strike Witches), and Karl-Gerat Boy among other characters in it. Most thing I can remember was poor Remilia getting gibbed all the time while for some odd reason Panzer Len, Panzer Rin, and Karl-Gerat Boy remain ungibbable. o.O + XD

    • Wow, just as I download a fully working view and world Minigun model (which I’ve used to replace the corresponding models on a random Minigun SWEP), I come across this–perhaps a custom Minigun weapon pose in Gmod will become a reality after all. o.O

      (Provided my software development project, let alone college in general stop consuming 125% of my life. Wish we could all just kick back and screw around in Gmod and UT2004 all day… @.@)

      Cirno: *Huggles a Karl-Gerat Boy plushie* >w<
      Karl-Gerat Boy: *Sees what Cirno's doing* o.O; *Slowly sneaks by in an attempt to not get noticed.*
      Cirno* ! *Glomps Karl-Gerat Boy* @u@
      Karl-Gerat Boy: @.@;

    • Yup, it’s been so quiet around here, save for me and DCI screwing around with UT2004 code, namely that for the UC2 Ripjack. (I’m currently trying to change secondary fire such that it doesn’t gib the target completely, but at the same time removes multiple limbs the same way the Manhack’s secondary fire does.)

      How is everything? Exams go well? OuO

      I should have some more screenshots up real soon. I should mention that Black Rock Shooter and Miku are back, joining KOS-MOS and Panzer Rin who have finally rescued their CO (Panzer Len, who I always play as of course).

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