Welcome to the new era

Its slightly late but happy new year everyone! welcome to the year 2010
XenoAisam will going to give you guys a present for staying intact with us for all this long!

Why us? …i mean here, everyone! who helping me this far… uhuhu… its already 4 year this site running? 0_o thats so surprise!

OK! what we’ll got here:

Sekai Saionji
for half-life2 garrysmod

Sekai Saionji is one of female character in School Days (スクールデイズ, Sukuru Deizu)

Sekai Saionji (西園寺 世界, Saionji Sekai)
Sekai Saionji is a student in year one of class three who is the antithesis and foil of Kotonoha. A playful and outgoing classmate seated directly next to Makoto, she takes a curious interest in him during their first acquaintance, and in every medium of the series, helps to establish his bond with Kotonoha. Though genuinely upbeat, Sekai does occasionally show a more serious side, and when sufficiently frustrated can be loud, selfish, overemotional and even manipulative. She lives with her mother Yōko in the fictional area of Motehara-Sakashita, is part-time employed as a waitress at the family restaurant Radish and is also the best friend and unknowing half-sister of Setsuna Kiyōra. (taken from wiki)
So here the download link:

alternate: skydrive

Update in Gallery:

Another Fan Made picture of Naluri!! Please go into gallery section to view those image

Thats all for it! till time for next sound pack for karl-gerat from BunnehShota!!


    • I was waiting for that to happen…

      Oh look here…Sekai has arrived…uh oh…Kotonoha will be the first one to meet her…with a knife!

      Evil lol.

    • Yay for xeno! I note you got the soundpack I sent you as well–fits Karl-Gerat Boy pretty well, right? XD

      As for Sekai, poor girl’s gonna be on the run from Kotonoha. Perhaps that would make for a good Road Runner + Wile E. Coyote-style bit or two? XD

      Kotonoha: *Disguises a Flechette Bomb as whatever Sekai’s favorite food is and then hides*
      Sekai: *Stops running, noms on the food, is COMPLETELY unaffected, and then resumes fleeing*
      Kotonoha: *Gets mad and eats the other one, only for it to detonate, gibbing her as Flechettes tear through her*

  1. a continuation of School Days is Summer Days and Cross Days
    *i think*

    but those two are h-game..

    i think the girl at behind is kotonoha at Cross Days Cover…

  2. Yes, it is a nice new format, that or it is a new and hence mysterious and intriguing which results in a liked format.

  3. *eyes wide open*

    Is this site renovated? Wow…I must be asleep the whole time! This is getting way too mysterious, especially Naluri and the other girl staring at me simultaneously. At least it looks better than the old site after all. 😀

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