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Well someone at facepunch had contract me to make one model for him/her and its cost 35usd total… now i’m taking this job as priority and put Rokiahi at the side at the moment… well money work come first for supporting me…

this is the character that’s been order to make:

Kotonoha Katsura

Well any people can make a deal with me if u wanted to! i list up the price for now:

Reception data:
charge for model = 25usd (with texture)
charge for bone = 10usd (additional bone is another added price)
charge for into game (ut2004/ HL2 ) = free

Time to finish is depend~ but if you wanted it faster, then the price will be increase too


I will create a new advance members page that will be password protected for keeping my source data/model for member use! but each member need to pay 10usd per month to geting access pass to the page


New Flash Miku Spin For you! ..if u wanted to learn how i’m doing it, i will post at adv.page later


  1. That’s actually a good idea, xeno. I remember how I was willing to pay for Panzer Len/Rin back then and to this day, they’ve been in my team ever since (with me playing as Panzer Len of course.) XD

    I wish I had even some remote ability to code and model–that way Mecha Musume Tournament 2004 would become a reality…though I already am kinda doing that by having all-Mecha Shoujos (plus one Mecha Shounen) in Botmatch after Botmatch–it’s just excessively hilarious. XD

  2. Actually, it is a bad idea.
    Xeno, you are groing egomanic and greedy. Modelling is nothing to demand pay for, it is a work of art on the computer. Not something to sell your soul for, that and demanding even more money just to see the progress? Xeno seriously!

    Your not some sort of master of modelling, grow up…

    • Hey Ruki’s!!
      i think u’re the one who should grow up!!!

      ok how bout you let your parent release u from under their keep and start manage your own life!!!!
      u dont have money to support u now…

      i’m already adult, and start my own way of life!!! u want me to do those work without pay and let me into many debt, school fees, food, electricity??
      think wisely budyy~
      if i’m really greedy, i’m already make those modded of hl2, ut2004 and crysis into “need to pay for download”
      well but i’m not~

      sure u didn’t want it… well i can stop right now because this work cant help me for life and i better focus for my good job that own money

  3. *Tries to find a middle ground in all this*

    Now that I’ve thought this over, I’m beginning to wonder exactly how many people would actually pay for a model to be commissioned. I know I did because I’m insane and all (blame college), but I have doubts that many others would.

    Right now I’m trying to think of an alternate way you can get around this “deals for models” issue and so far all I can think of is this highly absurd if not downright WEIRD idea to get in contact with a company that manufactures anime character plushies and try to get them to take up the idea of Naluri plushies. That way you wouldn’t have to charge for model requests provided you get a percentage of all Naluri plushie sales. o.O

    *Re-reads my idea*

    Yeah. That IS one of my weirdest ideas all summer if not THE weirdest. @.@ + XD

    • well its the way of good start when into business~ the first start must be in small step before into bigger~
      if i’ve a chance

      looks like Ruki’s up there dont like me to do such things~
      sure he dont want me to realize my dream to make those character into game~ my own game companyT_T

      hows sad

  4. It’s actually hard to find even a studio apartment anywhere in NYC though–I’d love to be able to live on my own but with the economy being crap, I’m stuck where I am (plus I need to find a better job. X.X)

    I still have doubts about this new method for model requests though–It’s kinda like opening a snow store in Siberia if you get what I mean. Of course my only alternate idea of making a sales pitch to anime character plushie manufacturers/retailers trying to get them to sell Naluri plushies while you get the royalties from all Naluri plushie sales probably doesn’t help much.


    I got it! Why not write up a guide on how to model in 3D (Like those guys who make various “How to ___ for dummies” guides and make money off of that)? Perhaps you could have that published and make royalties off of that–that way you wouldn’t have to charge for model requests since you’re making royalties off of sales of said 3D modeling guide. o.O

    • i think its already tutorial in this page~ and well how bout u help me to find those plushie retailer??? we can have a share lol~

      well to clear it a bit my intention and reason i will open up the adv dev page 1st~ my data model backup will be post up in internet with my latest model in 3dsmax (not in game format but its editable format)~ it will be password protected and only the person which can access the file is the one who’s have paid me before and now… so anyone who’s deal with me will get the access… (you bunneh, the new user now which deal with me for making Kotonoha Katsura, and others donater and dealer) and its must be exceeding 10usd per month~ so the other donater who’s donate below 10usd… sorry i cant give u guys the access

      so maybe i will put Naluriv3 model and Rokiahi, along with panzer len,rin miku and such.. and kotonoha if it finish

  5. Lulz. I tried to look for a few…and ended up with too many to count. The problem is trying to figure out which anime plushie retail companies actually manufacture their own plushies and are open to ideas such as “Naluri plushies”.

    Probably the “3D Modelling the Xeno Way” book (or whatever you’d like to call it) would be an easier idea. Programmers make money off of programming textbooks they write and have published, so maybe if you took your tutorial and went into painstaking detail on how to do everything from “A to Z and the kitchen sink”, you’d have enough material to make such an extensive textbook based on your tutorial. o.O

  6. You get me wrong, I’m not saying you should’nt try to make your dreams a reality. I’m saying that, like Bunneh said, that few would buy a model for money. What you have to do on the other hand is to show up your models on as many places as possible. Stir up a lot of attention, make yourself stick out among the crowd, but selling draws away attention, givng the person a wrong image no matter the intention, be it good or bad.

    But I would very much to see your own game company and some PASKAL plushes. X3

    Oh, and I will get my own appartment by Fall when I begin my Civil Engineer course…

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