Image added!!

Did i post this image before??
well just update into Rocky and Naluri Gallery… have fun!



FanArt image into gallery


  1. A friend of mine just thought of something hilarious: SpecAlpha and “Mutey” actually working together to…steal Naluri’s shorts? o.O

    Mutey: … *Flees with Naluri’s shorts*

    Naluri: *Chases Mutey* Heeeeeey! Gimme back my shorts! [/mad]

    SpecAlpha: *Hides under a cardboard box and tries to trip Naluri…but ends up tripping Mutey instead* o.O

    Naluri: *Towers over Mutey* [/domo]

    Mutey: O.O; *Gets fragged*

  2. Only problem is I can’t draw to save my life. Besides, I think I know where my friend got the idea for that little gag, and that’s that one fanart of Nalrui without the shorts. o.O;

    ViVi: *Runs down the hallway with Naluri’s shorts…again* 😛

    Naluri: *Chases* Stop stealing my shorts! >:O

    random Sherman Girl: *Catches a glimpse of what’s normally hidden under Naluri’s shorts* O.O *Nosebleed rockets*

  3. Yep. I was going O.O too when my friend came up with that gag but then again, you’d probably be able to picture that sooner or later, poor Naluri would end up with her shorts being stolen by SpecAlpha, ViVi, or some other SPECTRE operative. At least it’s not like having Len dress up as “Magical Boi Len-Tan” (Like in the ever-lulzy Vocaloid song “Kagamine Len no Bousou”–the one where Len goes completely and utterly nuts). XD

  4. Blame my friend–he was the one who came up with it first. XD

    Besides, I’d probably find a way to fit Len in that gag if I came up with it…because we all know the number one gag about Len, and that’s that he can wear the most wrong of outfits and cause females everywhere to nosebleed rocket upon laying eyes on him. o.O

    • On another note, I just finished concept “art” for a Mecha Shounen/Shoujo UK Challenger 2 MBT Len/Rin Kagamine back on Banzai, all before having to leave for work. XD

      Getting hammered with rum and Pepsi the night before doesn’t help either–otherwise the outfit from “Kagamine Len no Bousou” wouldn’t have been integrated into the overall design. (Poor Len). @.@

      Miku + BRS: O.O; O.O; *Nosebleed rocket simultaneously*

  5. Back from a hiatus, I apologize for what I said on the last notice, it was a first second shock reaction action dumbness (FSSRAD) and I apologize for it. I do want to see you achieve your dreams and see your own game company. (THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!) and Some Naluri plushies (X3) and I do understand economical problems, just because I live with my parents (for now) does’nt mean I don’t take attention whenever we have problems with economy. Believe me, if my mother cared about economy, then she would’nt have started an acting school, we don’t gain very much from it, it’s only recently that we have gained some steady ground now that dad got work at a school.

    So, sorry, very sorry…

    (Steals Naluri’s shorts)

  6. Lulz. Every time Naluri’s shorts get stolen…

    random Sherman Girl: O.O *Nosebleed rockets*

    …a random Sherman Girl reveals how perverted she is just from nosebleed rocketing upon seeing the bodysuit Naluri normally covers up with said shorts. It’s just as lulzy as watching the Skarrj get Roadroller’d by Len, Rin, or any one of their Mecha Shounen/Shoujo clones. XD

    • …and Troggy just updated his UT2004 Screenshot Comic thread back on Banzai! I think I lulz’d for a good three minutes during and after checking that one out. Insert “Sore Loser Skarrj” jokes here. XD

  7. Xeno! I just finished the concept doodles of Tiger-I Len and Rin and posted them on Banzai if you wanna check them out. XD

    Updates on my Mecha Shounen Len/Mecha Shoujo Rin conceps aside, how are things going for you nowadays? o.o

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