Brs BRS Brs update


brs1 brs2 brs3 brs4

The model is finished! although its not as detail as figure toy… but the result is still nice… i still lazy about some stuff especially the weapon… should i make it? or just release this model with miku?


should i release source model in 3ds format? 😛


  1. If you want, you can always release BRS’ launcher later on–probably as an add-on pack with Miku’s Leek. XD

  2. Yah what Bunneh said. You can release the model now and then work on the weapons later. You deserve a break anyways ^_^

  3. I agree with the other guys, you should release it and the weapons seperatly.

    In any case, AWESOME MODEL! 😀

  4. Great work Xeno!!!

    I hope to see her and miku very soon in UT2004!!!!!


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