Vocaloids Miku Pack Released!

I’m gladly to inform, the pack is released (Hatsune Miku & Black Rock Shooter) for Unreal Tournament 2004 but its contain with no custom weapon, sorry. Maybe it will be release later or no at all~

Miku and BRS chan!!!

Another Link (FileFront) : Download

I’ve problem entering filefront, so i use mirror link from msn skydrive to let you download my file! filefront link maybe later


brsdemo mikudemo mikudemo2

UPDATE FOR MG42 Machine Gun (Require Panzer Rin and Len model Pack)

Miku and BRS chan!!!

mirror link (SkyDrive) : Download

Change log

V1.1 :

+Firing Animation fix
+Increase Firing Sound and Radius


+First Release

To install, please put it at system folder in ut2004 dir

New Image into Gallery

Please go to gallery to view it


  1. Wow, that was more fast that I spected, thanks for your effort and you support for the very little UT2004 users : )

    I Can´t wait for your new creation, seriously (:3)

  2. Lol, now Miku and BRS will have a spot on my team (and the poor Sherman and Panzer Girls will get a break). XD

    Me likes!

  3. *Might upload more screenies to my Photobucket account soon.*

    I still have to get some good screencaps of BRS–the first ones I did didn’t turn out too well, but at least I managed to get four good screencaps of Miku (with Panzer Len, who I obviously play as) in that one map based off of Black Hawk Down. o.O

  4. arghh~ i never get myself with the map yet! crappy internet, slowing down everything~
    but hehe i cant wait for the picture!! ^_^

    edit: just update something at above 🙂

  5. Speaking of Flak Cannons, poor BRS took one at point-blank from a random Panzer Girl on the other team. (Ouch!) X.X

    I might have to change BRS’ behavior settings if I’m gonna get a decent screencap of her. @.@

  6. Lol, all the Vocaloids are on my team and protecting BRS is hard. (She keeps running all over the place while Miku stalks…um… Len (me).) o.o;

    Yep. The fire effect in BRS’ left eye works! Sometimes it disappears after a few seconds but when BRS appears again, the effect is back. :3

    Now to try and attempt to get screencaps of BRS scoring the final kill and winning the match for my team…provided everyone else on the team doesn’t do so. @.@

  7. *Update*

    Actually managed to get one decent screencapt of BRS. Only problem is she’s waaay too close to the camera for a full-body shot. @.@

  8. It’s really hard to say since there’s no way for me to determing who does what during the last kill of the match. I’m probably gonna skip to the Miku and BRS screencaps since Rin and Len take up, until now, my entire screenie collection. XD

    I’ll try one more match to get a decent BRS shot (preferrably with the flaming effect left eye present) and then upload all of my screenies then. o.O

  9. w00t! Managed to get a rather amusing shot of BRS getting her XMV-850 Minigun stuck on top of Len’s very same gun while the rest of the team tries to crowd through the hallways of one building in (T)DM-UnrealVille. XD

    Gonna be uploading my pics nao. OwO

  10. There’s always that XMB-500 Minigun that’s more balanced than the 850 (which is more like a friggin’ tank killer of a M61 Vulcan if you ask me). o.O

    Oh, and that last match was the one where BRS actually out-scored me by 2 points. XD Yay for Vocaloids!

  11. Guess what?!! New shots of Miku and BRS!


    ^ It got crowded in the hallway for the last two pics. X.X

  12. I think installing the Gunreal mod for UT2004 messed up the files for Rocket Launcher and Minigun ammo, which explains why I haven’t gone back to the normal weps lately (especially since RL and Minigun are my two favorite UT2004 defalut weps). @.@

  13. @Bunneh: lol~ nice pic! err~ did u not even try cellshade model? i think its looks better in that way.. and dont forget! press “~” then type “freecamera 1” to free view in thirdperson camera instead of backview, and type “freecamera 0” to back the view into thirdperson back.

    @Ruki: i’ve update this webpage, please looks the latest news~

  14. @Bunneh: another hint! if u’ve microphone and have trained your voice in window voice recognizer, then you try said “everyone dance” in ut2004 teamplay! all you teamate starting to taunt!..

    you may test “bravo cover me” for your model thats have “bravo” name to follow you.. ^_^

    lol randome pic i remember this pic before 😛 i think ruki’s know it:

  15. I’ve actually tried the cellshade models. Funny thing is, ever since I cut down the size of both teams, I’ve ended up with all of the cellshaded models on the other team. o.O *Notes Miku likes to follow Len around ALOT. Same goes for Rin. XD*

    And I really need to find my headset just to try that “everyone dance” bit. XD

    *Looks at said pic*

    I really need to learn how to draw…right now I can’t draw to save my life. X.X

  16. Miku and BRS(BRS works in normal but not in BRS cell)bug solo on the network, which is normal? (In solo and I can not play it on network disconnects at the end of each part …), but the others works very well.

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