Possible Delay


I’ve decide to delay the release of Miku Hatsune~ because maybe i will make another model as pack with Miku hatsune..

The Model is Black Rock Shooter.. its a fan base vocaloids~

Black Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター)

Miku Hachune
Black Rock Shooter (or simply abbreviated as BRS) is the result of a collaboration between RYO (music) and HUKE (character and video) for a music video of the same name. She is much like a black clad Miku Hatsune and has a giant rocket launcher attached to her left arm, and her left eye turns into a blue flame. Popularity and interest about her grew to the point of figurines produced in her likeness, and many fanarts.

b2 br1


  1. Lol, another double pack, huh? A 2-on-2 match between Black Rock Shooter and Miku-chan versus the Panzer Armored Kagamine Twins sounds like fun. XD

  2. Hahaha, And I was even thinking (oh he’s going to make Black Rock for sure) when I saw the last News spotlight, It’ll be fun to see the results. 🙂

  3. At least Panzer Rin and Len are keeping me busy. Watching Len run around mowing down stuff with the XMV-850 Minigun from the Ballistic Weapons pack is just so much fun–having Rin back up Len wherever he goes rocks just as much. XD

  4. Yup. I really like the Ballistic Weapons Minigun–it actually makes you think about firing in controlled bursts and the barrel spin speed as opposed to just running around and mowing everything down mindlessly. XD

  5. I should also note that lately I’ve been having alot of Mecha Musume-only Team DMs with one Rin and Len on each team with one Sherman and Panzer Girl on my team and two Panzer Girls on the other. On top of that, there are more Panzer Girls on both teams now since I actually began to feel sorry for the poor Panzer Girls on the other team getting blown to pieces that I “adopted” them into my team. XD

    Mecha Musume for the win! 😀

  6. Recruit her into my team. XD

    Once Miku’s out, I might re-arrange all the teams so that I get Naluri and crew back in my team too (With SpecAlpha and Vivi on the other team to represent SPECTRE and all). Of course I’m still gonna play as Len and Rin’s always gonna be on my team. (It’s not complete unless the Kagamine twins are together.) :3

    • That would be DM-Blackhawk, which is based on that one scene from the movie “Black Hawk Down”. 😀


      Oh, and lol @ Rin defying gravity. It almost looks like she’s running down the pole. XD

  7. @ Xeno: That’d be DM-Blackhawk, which is based on that one scene in Black Hawk Down. :3

    I got it from L4Y’s UT2004 Download section.

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