3D Miku Hatsune Model

Long last wait… looks like i’m not following my list again!!! ~_~ but it cant be help… i like Miku Hatsune much, so it would be better if i do create model of her for any games (ut2004 especially) ~ so here the progress (clixk for full image):

sds1 sds2 sds3 sds4

ok, now i’m lazy to make her leek

See full size image

i dunno how i suppose to use her leek as weapon? maybe press fire make her sing while shaking her leek up and down and the surrounding will become damage? …darn.. thats really hard to code… i’m not the coder to be honest~

now i’m lack of idea~

expect any other update soon! while i wait for filefront problem result..


  1. Primary: a crack in the ground in a straight line, leeks pop up and “impales” enemies, dealing damage.

    Secondary: Baseball bat swing, instant kill in melee range and the enemy’s ragdoll flies away.

    Leekspin could be idle animation.

    Good job so far, keep it up mate.

  2. *Can’t stop laughing at the leek weapon ideas*

    Perhaps you could make the Leek a piledriver-like weapon (Think of the Alt Eisen’s Revolver Stake from the Super Robot Taisen series)–basically Primary “fire” has Miku thrust her Leek straight ahead at the target. If it connects, you can use Secondary “fire” to have Miku repeatedly “jackhammer” the impaled target (how she does this I wouldn’t know), with the last thrust in that kills said target causing him/her to fly off the leek. o.O

  3. Oh dear I never thought you’d make Miku Hatsune. Nice work Xeno, altough personally, I have no idea on the Leek… T_T

  4. Heh, heh. I guess how to make the Leek function is still up for debate. o.o

    Looks like Miku’s Leek should be a melee weapon, more or less. Besides, we already have Naluri + Bertha Sniper Rifle, Sherman/Panzer Girls + 75mm Portable Tank Cannon, Panzer Rin + MG42, and Panzer Len + MG151 20, so I guess Miku’s Leek being a melee weapon is a good idea. 😀

  5. No on the contrary, I’m surpriced in a good way 🙂
    But I agree on that idea that it should be a melee weapon (one hit kill from leek alergy :P)

  6. Heh, leek allergy…that’d be alot funnier than my “Alt Eisen” approach to Miku’s Leek. XD

  7. Well in The HL2 edition yea the leek could be used in replacement of teh crowbar. As far as UT2004 is concerned it could be the same thing but the code would have to be made a s a mutator. Lik ethat of the weapons replacment mutator mod.

    • You mean through Lua, right? I guess a Leek SWEP could be made for Gmod 10 rather easily. All that’s needed are the view and world models to go with a basic melee SWEP template and it should work pretty well. o.o

      That reminds me, I have to get back to work on tweaking that Kenshiro SWEP I found last night so the animations go left punch->right punch->left punch->right punch while the LMB is held down. So far all I’m getting is left punch->left punch->left punch and the only time the punching hand alternates is with the RMB attack, which isn’t the problem. @.@

    • From what I heard, there is a plug-in that does not work in his 3DS Max 7 that allows support for UT3 models. When Xenoaisam tries to get Naluri (if I remember, or was it the Sherman Armored) into 3DS Max 9 (because it supports that plug-in), he notices numerous glitches on his model.

      Now I do not fully remember why Xenoaisam will not port this UT3. This is only a guess.

      • well first i’ve said before in download section, ut3 is too reallistic/plastic…. and also the lighting and shadow casting on model is quite weird~


        also, i didn’t know how port it! i need to learn it but no time

  8. oh ok, well good things come to those who wait. i hope one day i can use 3d miku hatsune on my ps3. ut3 fully supports pc mods on ps3.

    • It does? o.O

      Well, I guess that’s one incentive for me to get a PS3 (or any current-gen console ever since I went back to PC gaming) though I will say that the UT3 gore system doesn’t have the feel of the UT2004 one which I find rather comedic (mainly from the unrealistic amount of gibs and the lower torso + upper legs being indestructible body parts). As things stand, my laptop can’t even run the UT3 demo. o.o

      • save it for new pc then~

        pc are better then ps3 if u spend your day with work, less gaming
        ps3 are better then pc if u spend your day with gaming, less work

  9. Good point. I do a good deal of programming work for my software development course and next semester I have to take independent study, operating systems, and computer languages as my last three courses for my CIS major. That and I could really use a laptop that can run the best games too. o.o

    In other news, I finally got Tiger-I Girl a gun for her to stick with. Since there aren’t any portable tank guns in Gmod, I figured I’d give her the next best thing–a RPG-7. This one not only blasts stuff to kingdom come, but also sets stuff on fire too. May take screenies soon. XD

  10. woa lots of ps3 haters i see, look, i like ps3 for its performance and its hdtv purposes. i love the pc games because of how customizable it is. but pc games crash and always need the most recent upgrades in both hardware and software……WHOA sorry to start a console vs pc war, look i like both platforms for different reasons ^_^ anywho, i use lots of console games, but trust me i work long too……….

    • I actually do like the PS3 as I’ve played the one my friend has for quite some time. It’s just that I can’t afford one both money-wise and time-wise. XD

      It’s been awhile since I touched any of my consoles though, and to show how far behind the times I have, the only three consoles I have that still work are consoles of ages past: the obsolete Xbox, the still-going-strong PS2, and my Dreamcast that still works like brand-new. o.o

    • naww~ i never hate ps3… its just too expensive here n many japs game a brought to xbox360 right?

      btw…. i never play any console game after ps2… but then my onichan had already sold ps2… so i’m console-less

    • I did not have much interest in the PS3 to be very honest. I cared less on the consoles because of the cost and that PC games are moddable.

      Although I am pleased at the performance, my morale to the consoles is not high enough. Sorry for being negative but that is my two cents.

  11. xeno-chan: funny you say that, but many japanese xbox only games and american xbox only games are now coming to america! star ocean 4 has offcially been announced for ps3! it contains enhanced graphics added tweaks and special items and best of all, it is on one 50GB bluray disc (xbox360 version has, LOL, 3 8GB dvd-dl’s)

    doug: not at all, i respect your opinion.

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