Miku Hatsune VoicePack!

Miku Hatsune VoicePack  for UnrealTournament 2004 is available to download!

simply go to download section to download or click here:

Have A nice Day!

Description From Readme:

TITLE:   MikuVoice  
AUTHOR:  XenoAisam 
WEB SITE:XenoAisamBlogger
URL:      xenoaisam.wordpress.com
DATE:     11-19-2008 (14:00:28)
BUILD:    2
GAME:     Unreal Tournament 2004
FILES:   Miku.u 
SOUNDS:   ACKS:    3    FFIRES:  1  NAMES:   2 
           ORDERS: 10    OTHERS: 33  TAUNTS: 13
           TOTAL UNIQUE: 54      
UTILITY:  This package was built with UT2K4VoicePackager by Paul Catalano (www.xgxlan.com/vp)

Place the .u and .int files in the System directory of Unreal Tournament 2004.
For use on a server, add the following lines to the UT2004.ini file found in
the System directory of Unreal Tournament 2004, under the section [Engine.GameEngine]:

Running the UT4MOD file will install the files into their correct locations.
Choose the “Modify UT2004.ini” option to automatically add the line
ServerPackages=Miku to the UT2004.ini file.
If the UT4MOD file will not run (a problem with the file type association),
the command is:  X:\PATH_TO_UT2004\System\Setup.exe install PATH_TO_UT4MOD

This is emotionless Miku Voice!
So dont expect high from this

Thanks to Miku Hatsune for the voice actor support

WARNING! This is not a quality voice, the miku voice seems rather emotionless


  1. Wow, never thought I’d see you release a voice-pack!
    And it is an interesting release aswell!

    By the way, how is it going with the SPECTER soldier?

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