i should recall this:


1. Naluri Animation

2. Naluri Weapon

3. Rohani Ver2

4. Rohani Weapon

5. Rokiahi Ver3

6. Rokiahi Weapon

7. Nurani Ver2

8. Nurani Weapon

Weapon List

Main Weapon:

1. Bertha Sniper for Naluri

2. MG54 Machine gun for Rohani

3. Paskal Jupiter Rifle for Rokiahi

4. Paskal Elite Standard issue (Pulse Rifle) for Nurani

Side Weapon (for all paskal unit):

1. HandGrenade

2. HandGun

Maybe before i’m going to start with RokiahiV3 model, i should design PASKAL JUPITER Rifle first in order to wait the poll of Rokiahi.. hmm lets see… what will come in my mind!

heh~ thats the problem when got a new pc. I’m almost distract from doing this work! Playing game in whole time(crysis hehehe) and installing software! …now i’m really hate vista! most of the software doesn’t support vista at all! thats why i having the problem when trying to run certain program! It always comeup with error!

please pray for succesness of this program installation:

1) 3ds max7 : for modelling

2) Corel photo-paint : Texturing

3) Voice-packager : UT2k4 voicepack editor

4) Vocaloid software : Miku hatsune voice

5) KArma Editor : Edit physiq for ut2004

6) Unreal Tournament 2004 : game

and such others…

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