New video added!

just some wasting of time, recording the ingame video by using the new pc i got now!

u can watch it at youtube here:

Naluri’s street fight!

2 mission 2 faction


  1. Wow, Great Work Man ; )

    Naruli´s looks much, much better then before (I Like to make a team with all your skins when I play with CPU or LAN).

    I like that. You can customize Rokiahi and Haruhi (My Favorite Skin) with the same style?


  2. Cool, I wanna see the results soon (:3)

    – Hey Xeno, can you add a skin based on Mai HiME or OTOME Characters, If You can do the babelicious KOS-MOS (I Want a V4 Model Very Soon), you can do this in a flash : D –

  3. V4 kosmos already made by someone else~
    well, is this request?
    i didn’t take a request for now, cause i’m too busy and i didn’t like to make copyright character

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