Things to do

Where’s all Banzai staff gone?

do i need to ask them all the progress??

and what is Suzumiya doing right now??

answer mee!!!!

okey! if this things going to be continue, i will focus more on my private work! Here the list:


1. Naluri Animation

2. Naluri Weapon

3. Rohani Ver2

4. Rohani Weapon

5. Rokiahi Ver3

6. Rokiahi Weapon

7. Nurani Ver2

8. Nurani Weapon

Weapon List

Main Weapon:

1. Bertha Sniper for Naluri

2. MG54 Machine gun for Rohani

3. Paskal Jupiter Rifle for Rokiahi

4. Paskal Elite Standard issue (Pulse Rifle) for Nurani

Side Weapon (for all paskal unit):

1. HandGrenade

2. HandGun


  • All other Paskal unit may would be use standard animation from naluri ver3.
  • Spectre Unit and Weapon would be in planning after all PASKAL unit are finish!




art!!!! drawingg??

what is art??


yeah~ how i’m gonna focus at drawing too?

anyway, new update at gallery too!

Naluri V3 pose shot!!


  1. Hahaha, your wondering what we are doing? You should ask Haruhi-san. 😀

    Believe me, me and Haruhi talked allot yesterday, we have many ideas for mod. ^___^

    But I’m not telling you. 😛

    That, you’ll have to ask Haruhi for. -.-

  2. Hahahaha, Xeno, I’ve had such a strange dream. But I remember one part clearly. I remember that you had released Rohani v2. I don’t remember “exactly” how she looked like, but I remember clearly that you gave her dark skin. I thought it was really cool 😀

  3. lol hahahahaha but it was a cool thing.

    I mean, then there would be more balance to the characters. (Ie. one character from different country)

    By the way, Xeno… I heard ViVi’s voice now (I played with sound)…
    Why did you use Hentai voice again?

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