Naluri Version 3 Expose!!

Before going to release it to public, here i shows some progress of Naluri V3. Unfortunately, it will take longer time before it release because need to do some others work apart from this.

Naluri v3 will have special features such as:

  • Full rig bone
  • High Quality Soft Shader CellShade and profile line (ink outline)
  • New Animation
  • Custom Weapon
  • Some custom sound

Further Info:

  • Full Rig Bone

In this version, the bone have been added to the default one to make the movement more realistic and physic like. New bone added at hair, eyes, facial face, fingers, bags, zipped button and even at breast.

  • High Quality Soft Shader CellShade and profile line (ink outline)

Thank god! ut2004 support this kind of technic. Well the new cell shade version more soft blending compared to the old one got more solid colour and in addition, added new outline profile line to shows the ink effect! After learned from Schoolmate model cell effect

The picture above is the early version! just to test new cellshade

  • New Animation

Because of the new bone, new animation need to be develop as well such as her eyes close, smiling, angry, disappointed and etc etc . The animation will cover all the default ut2004 animation and the action got more cuter 😛

The pictures above shows the animation purpose only. No new cellshade apply!

  • Custom Weapon

As early post before, Naluri will have her own weapon (custom weapon) which is Bertha Sniper Rifle (her main weapon). Other side weapon will be include too such 1 handgun and 2 grenade

  • Some custom sound

New sound will add too! The sound for weapon and movement sound. If its fine, maybe i’ll try to put back the dizzy voice from my model before (Vivi and Rokiahi) or just tune up default female merchinaries voice so it will sound more to asian! 😛

  • Extra!

Maybe i’ll try to search about the karma physiq too on how she will close eyes when dead


  1. Awesome news Xeno (rigging breasts, Xeno is naughty XD)
    But I think making the female mercenary voice highpitched is a good idea.

    Other than that, I love the weapon ideas. Good Luck~

  2. ouch! it will take a year~~

    +model itself take 2 weeks to finish~ not the exact date because sometime i need to tune up texture more better~
    +weapon code~ take many month!!! because i’m not coding person, i do the weapon code just take some example from existing one. If u got someone who can coding for unreal2k4 and love anime much, then let me know 🙂
    +and my Paskal character are 5 female and 2 male

  3. Wow, this is great, fantastic work!
    I would say that to solve the closed-eyes-at-death problem the easiest way would make the open eye state the “special one”, however I believe this would in the end turn out to be the opposite as it could require the eye animations to be reworked from the scratch, but I hope this might inspire you to a better solution ;3

    As for the voice, I know Hide used a high-pitched merc voice for his anime characters, and it worked quite well. However, he never released it as a voicepack that came with them (it was instead default for the character), however I prefer a new voice, as the same taunts over and over again are tiresome.

    Keep up the good work, I am glad to see that UT2k4 isnt dead yet.

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