Site Update

Long last waiting, there’re so much thing happend in last whole weeks!
just dont have enough time to do some update for this site.
unfortunately here my spare time~

Firts Update:
VV-KO for Unreal Tournament 2004 upload and ready for some action!!
+New Custom voice
+New custom Weapon species = To equip it, please use ‘species statistic’ mutator in mutator list
download please go to download section!

Second update:
The unfinished Naluri hare-hare yukai uploaded into youtube. I never plan to finish it!
Surrender~ Give up~ 17second cost of 1 month T_T

Third Update:
I work for +BANZAI! a modification of UT2004
staring by my character

for now i need to do some model for it.

One of it are enemy NPC unit (Spectre Rifleman) and do sligthly change existing model

Fourth Update:
For own good of Naluri model, i do some remake for it as a result,
i classify it as Version3 Naluri and may available at UT2004 with custom weapon and Half-life2 if agreed by boroko


Reduce Tripolycount to make the game performance increase: Comparison
old body = 21238
old head = 4774

new body = 8051
new head = 4100
well its still consider high! and reach above 10000poly limits when mix both head and body poly

Also added normal-map feature for Boroko to mod it into Half-life 2
High-PolyCount(tri): 115104 (body Only)
Low-PolyCount(tri): 8051 (body only)

and some of the new face look! 2 version maybe come out rather in half-life 2 or Ut2004


  1. It’s sad to know that your quiting on the Harehareyukai, but I understand you. T_T

    The riflemen looks awesome, I can make some custom heads for them, so that everyone got a unique look. Awesome work Xeno! 😉

    Hmm, I did’nt know she had that high a poly count. But I gotta say this: You’ve made her eyes more moe than ever, I’m sorry, but personaly, I liked your old eyes better.

  2. Aie aie sir, I’ll work on the stuff right away. Altough I’ll be gone this saturday and sunday. Cause I’ll be participating in a LIVE role play game. (I’m a Pig-like Stormtrooper that has police auctority over the planet…)

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