Naluri HL2 v1.0 Complete

HI this is Boroko with some good news

I have release a Alyx replacement out now. It have still some bugs but that isn’t any big. And those gonad be fix with some extra in a 2.0 version that gonad be make later. In the moment I am begin on SpechAlpha. You can download the Naluri Hl2 at

Thanks to XenoAisam for the greate model.

Boroko over and out….


  1. Announcment: Vivi-ko has now been released on SkinCity! I’ve tested her and she’s so goddamn awesome Xeno! ^_______^

  2. i think its better for u to download ver3 naluri~ because ver1 still not fully compatible~

    be sure to put “material” and “models” folder into the right folder
    example: in folder ep2 or episodic

    if still not working, something wrong with ur hl2 game

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