Emosi finished!

Yup! maybe its finished, but well later maybe got a little tune to get it more properly~

well here the pic:

Emosi Main front face~ handsome is it? muahahahaha

This is the raw model without bone~ just to show u how the exact model would be~ but ofcourse its already rig up with bone now!

This is the companion of desert division! here i show u the height comparison between both Emosi and Naluri. This is how the exact character height but will be difference in ut2004 game because the default bone and both of them will have same height but Naluri got more bigger then Emosi

okey! after this i will continue with VV-KO and yet probably busy with seras victoria model too~ Haruhi who forcing me to do it! well its not an easy task! i would need be getting paid for the request >_<


  1. Hmmm, nice model! I suppose the bare shoulders are for the ladies huh? 😛

    He’s pretty cool, and Naluri and Emosi are pretty cute together. But judging from the main pic on the front page, I guess he’s a bit perverted. XD

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